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The 10 Worst Season Finales

Is there anything worse than a bad finale? ABC Family

No matter how you feel about the way that Game of Thrones ended this past weekend, you can't say that "The Iron Throne" was one of the worst season finales of all time. Because according to TV Time users, it didn't even crack the bottom 10!

TV Time’s 12 million global users have ranked more than 75,000 episodes of TV to get to the 10 worst season finales (so far ... ). Whether fans thought the finales didn't make sense, were disappointing or totally ruined the show, let's look back on all the bad times, shall we?


10. Dexter: Season 8, episode 12

Ah yes, who could ever forget this series finale that turned serial killer Dexter into lumberjack Dexter who would just leave behind his son and the woman he realized he loved and helped curb his murderous urges?! It just made no sense!

9. House of Cards: Season 6, episode 8

The series finale ended with Claire killing Doug and supposedly finding her power, but there were so many issues left unresolved like all those people who want her dead and the impending nuclear war she was ready to launch. What happens next?!

8. Bleach: Season 10, episode 16

Shū Kannogi goes back to her world and Lurichiyo returns to the Soul Society after the kemari game ends because Lurichiyo's team dropped the ball.

7. Homeland: Season 4, episode 12

Having Quinn leave on a dangerous assassination mission when Carrie was going to accept his proposal was just cruel to shippers everywhere. Plus Saul's betrayal just cut the knife even deeper.

6. Naruto Shippuden: Season 18, episode 19

Naruto having the Kurama extracted from him is killing him, ending the season on a really tragic note. 

5. Two and a Half Men: Season 12, episode 16

The series finale of this long-running comedy poked fun at Charlie Sheen's offscreen meltdown while still making the entire episode all about him. It was a weird combination.

4. The Affair: Season 3, episode 10

Spending half the episode from Juliette's perspective was a weird choice, especially considering where things left off with Alison and Cole, but whatever, The Affair! You do you.

3. Girls: Season 6, episode 10

This series finale felt more like an epilogue than an actual series finale, with Hannah worrying about Grover latching and her maternal skills and Marnie ending up living with Hannah and declaring herself her best friend once more. Why couldn't the previous episode have been the actual finale?

2. Naruto Shippuden: Season 20, episode 24

The time jump reveals that Sasuke is pardoned for his services in the war and he decides to leave for a journey of redemption, but he leaves without Sakura by his side. Hearts broke everywhere.

1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Season 5, episode 24

The series finale wrapped up each character's storyline but after five seasons, to see Amy end up single felt like a waste of time.