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Battle of the Plus: Apple TV v. Disney

The more TV the merrier! Disney+

November was the month of the “+”. The arrival of Apple TV+ and Disney+ introduced new series like Dickinson and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and unleashed a barrage of catalog Disney films. But in reality, these additional streaming services only increased our never-ending watchlists!

So, which shows are TV Time users actually watching? Check out the list below, and discover which Apple TV+ and Disney+ series are the most popular so far!

15. Pixar Sparkshows (Disney+)

Finally, Pixar fans don’t have to wait for the next theatrical release to watch a cry-worthy animated short with this new series.

14. Forky Asks a Question (Disney+)

Another shorts series! Learn with your favorite piece of trash/utensil as Forky asks the hard-hitting questions like “what is art?”

13. Encore! (Disney+)

A rare, heartwarming reality show where cast members of a high school musical reunite and recreate their original school performances -- A total tearjerker.

12. Ghostwriter (Apple TV+)

Ghostwriter is back! In this 2019 reboot, the mystery continues when a ghost haunts a neighborhood bookstore and releases fictional characters into the world.

11. Snoopy in Space (Apple TV+)

Adventure awaits for Snoopy and the Peanuts gang when they go on a trip to NASA, and get chosen for an important space mission.

10. The Imagineering Story (Disney+)

Disney Parks, history, drama, and Angela Bassett serving as narrator make for a perfect docuseries.

9. The World According to Jeff Goldblum (Disney+)

Sorry Aladdin, Jeff Goldblum can show us the world … Follow along as Goldblum explores and dives into a wide range of topics such as sneakers, tattoos, and ice cream.

8. Servant (Apple TV+)

A psychological horror from M. Night Shyamalan is just what we need to balance out all of the family-friendly content. Things aren’t what they seem when a nanny is hired to care for a Philadelphia couple’s “newborn,” and mysterious forces enter their home.

7. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Disney+)

Although it’s not technically a “Disney+ original,” this animated Star Wars series is getting new life with a seventh and final season next February; giving bingers plenty of time to catch-up!

6. For All Mankind (Apple TV+)

What if the global space race had never ended? This sci-fi series dramatizes an alternate history after the Soviet Union succeeds in the first manned Moon Landing.

5. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Disney+)

When you attend the same school where High School Musical was shot, you should pay homage, right? A brand new class takes on HSM with drama on and off stage.

4. Dickinson (Apple TV+)

We see you, Steinfeld stans! Get to know Emily Dickinson through a new coming-of-age dramedy. Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) explores society, gender, and family in the 19th century while keeping an outsider’s perspective.

3. The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

Jennifer Annison is back on TV? Enough said. Add Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell, and you get a powerhouse cast who give us an inside look at the challenges and scandals of morning television.

2. See (Apple TV+)

In a dystopian future, the human race has lost its sense of sight and has since learned to survive. All of that changes when a set of twins are born with the gift of sight, and their father (Jason Momoa) must protect his tribe from a threatened queen.

1. The Mandalorian (Disney+)

Created by Jon Favreau, the series follows independent bounty hunter on the outskirts of the galaxy - far from the authority of the New Republic. Star Wars fans have waited a long time for The Mandalorian’s release, so it comes as no surprise that the space western is No. 1! Not to mention it gave us the best holiday gift: Baby Yoda!

If we were to pit them against each other, Disney+ has more shows to offer and more series on our list; winning 8 to 7. However, shows from Apple TV+ reside higher on the ranked list. Let’s call it a tie? Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

*The most-watched series from Apple TV+ and Disney+ is based on episodes tracked from 11/1/19-12/2/19.

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