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TVT TIP: Track & Discover

Hello and welcome!

My name is Maren, and I'm the VP of Product and Marketing for TV Time. Because we're both big fans of movies & television, I'm here to show you a better way to navigate your viewing habits.

In our first of two TVT Tip articles, let's understand the app's key features: How to track what you're watching and how to discover new shows and movies!


So, you've added shows and movies to your watch list — now what? Mark them as watched! ✅

After you finish an episode, swipe right or press the check mark next to the episode description to track your progress. For movies, go the movie page & press the check mark next its description.

And be sure to opt in to receive show alerts, so you always know when your favorite shows are about to air!


The Discover tab allows you to do a few things:

  • Search for movies, shows, and other users by using the search bar.
  • Add recommended shows tailored just for you based on genres and series you already know and love!
  • See which movies and series are trending amongst TV Time users.
  • Dig deeper when you See All and head to “Discover More,” where you can filter by genre, status, and more!
Hot Tip: Trying to find the latest reimagining of The Invisible Man? You can differentiate films of the same name by looking at the year to the right of the title. Ex: The Invisible Man (2020)


Earn Badges while you watch! Gain rewards as you watch as well as “Discovery Badges” after using a TV Time feature for the first time.


When you have a question or issue, check out our FAQ! There, you'll find topics such as:

To find the FAQ section in the app, tap the "?" icon in the top left corner of your profile. This will also give you direct access to our team!

You can also find us here:

And if you'd like to get even more involved, join the TV Time Beta Program! Start testing new features on your iOS or Android device, and provide feedback before wide releases!

Thanks for joining our community. You've joined over 25M users and counting! Let us know if we can help - that's why we're here! 

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