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Five Reasons Why - VIF Edition

So, what is VIF? For those of you who haven’t discovered the hidden wonders of the 🎁 icon on your profile page, let me give you a quick rundown - including how to get it for free 😻 - at the bottom of this article. Here are our top five reasons you'll love VIF status.

1) Ad-Free Guaranteed

Special VIF users will be able to experience TVT 100% ad-free! You have our word. And our hearts, so you can control us to make sure we keep it (we will). ❤️

2) Mark Shows as “Rewatched”

We know, we’ve been listening. You want to be able to show your hard work because, as we know from experience, rewatching all those episodes is no small task. Finally, those rewatches will be counted towards your total watch time! 🎉Yay!

3) Custom Posters and Fanart

Ok let’s be honest, some show posters just speak to us more. They have that special flair 💃 or show our character the way we KNOW they should be represented. They're cuter/better/more badass. With VIF status you can customize the show posters however you like.

4) Your Own Statistics

These are the kind of “advanced statistics” you’ll love to analyze. In fact, the more the better. These particular statistics and charts are only available to our VIFs and will give you more insight into your activities on TVT! Just make sure you’re not actually looking at these advanced stats while in class. 😉

[Yes this IS in one of our office bathrooms. We love it too.]

5) That Golden “T” Icon on your avatar

Yep, you’ve seen it. You needed it. And you can have it for free! Lots of you have asked me how to get that special badge on your profile, and this is it! The moment you've been waiting for. So STOP waiting and GO GET THAT FANCY ICON.

Get that free VIF status right here

How do I get Free VIF Status? 

VIF stands for Very Important Fan! Obviously, TV fans are always Very Important at TV Time 💓, which is exactly why we wanted to give you the chance to Treat Yo’ Self - for free! Through our refer-a-friend program, you earn a free month of VIF premium subscription status for each friend you invite (as soon as they mark a show as "Watched" you're in). If you invite up to 12 friends, you get a bonus 6 months. You get the idea. This means you can earn up to an entire year and a half worth of VIF subscription. 🙀 And drastically improve the lives of your friends and family.

Speaking of which, when you send the promotional link to your fellow tv fans, they ALSO get a ✨free✨ month of VIF! This means all night marathon parties, competing for badges, and debating over the best show posters to pick to represent your favs. (Some are just better than others, Karen. Gosh.) 🙄

If and when you do decide to purchase a VIF subscription instead, it’s only $1.99 a month (half the price you paid for that 🦄 frappuccino - no judgments here, we got it too). You also can save half of that by getting a yearly subscription for $11.99. This helps TV Time pay the bills and keep the wifi on so that we can keep working to give you the best app possible - all based on your feedback, of course!

I NEED this but how do I get it?

No worries! You can either click here or:

Get it Free by Inviting Friends (The VIF Referral Program): 

1) Go to your profile in the app.

2) Look in the upper right corner of the screen.

3) See the little grey gift 🎁 icon? Tap it.

4) You're all ready to start spreading the love! 💓

Subscribe to a VIF Premium Account (Monthly or Yearly): 

1) Go to your profile in the app. 

2) Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner and pick "Settings".

3) On the first page you see (Account) scroll down to the bottom. 

4) Under "Membership" tap "Change Plan". 

5) Pick your plan! Welcome onboard. 🎉

If you've got any questions, comments, or a serious case of the feels, go ahead and direct them at me! 😉

Much love and happy watching,


Community Manager

@rhondad on TVT