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12 Supreme Moments from "American Horror Story: Apocalypse"

What makes "AHS" better? Jessica Lange. FX

The long awaited crossover season of American Horror Story came and went just like the show's "apocalypse." Although shorter than most seasons of AHS, the eighth installment gave us beloved characters new and old, a trip to one of our favorite houses, and some great memorable scenes. Let's revisit TV Time users' top meme'd moments from AHS: Apocalypse[WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk!] 

12. Episode 10: "Apocalypse Then"

Don't leave, Jessica Lange! Constance Langdon returns for the finale, and contributes to changing the future's course.

11. Episode 10: "Apocalypse Then"

Just when you thought Angela Bassett would not be making an appearance ... Surprise, bitch! Although the cameo was much too short, it would be impossible to prevent the apocalypse without the help of voodoo queen, Marie Laveau.

10. Episode 4: "Could It Be ... Satan?"

If Apocalypse gave us anything, it's the gift of Michael Langdon. He may be an evil and confused man-child Antichrist, but we still love him. 😍

9. Episode 10: "Apocalypse Then"

History repeats itself! Emily and Timothy had special DNA after all; creating a little bundle of evil of their own. Unfortunately, this means there's still a chance for an Antichrist to rise and for the apocalypse to happen... Worth a sequel?? 

8. Episode 6: "Return to Murder House"

What's heartbreaking about Moira finally getting a happy ending is that it's all stripped away once the apocalypse is prevented! WHY! 😭

7. Episode 5: "Boy Wonder"

We can all agree that we didn't get enough Misty Day in the eighth season, however, this sweet reunion was a tearjerker! 

6. Episode 6: "Return to Murder House"

Michael eating an innocent girl's heart is probably one of the more disturbing scenes of the season. As he takes a bite, the shadow of the dark lord rises behind him, and we ate. it. up.

5. Episode 4: "Could It Be ... Satan?"

Michael shows up with freshly resurrected Queenie and Madison. Cordelia Faints. And everyone looks absolutely fabulous. 

4. Episode 3: "Forbidden Fruit"

Witches at last! The final scene of episode three, and the first scene with our cherished Coven. Little did we know that they had a plan up their sleeves...

3. Episode 6: "Return to Murder House"

Nobody knows how to make an entrance like Constance Langdon. The first scene featuring Jessica Lange since Freak Show, and it was worth the wait.

2. Episode 6: "Return to Murder House"

Fans have been begging for more Tate and Violet since Season 1, and "Return to Murder House" granted their wish. We left our favorite emo teens staring into each other's eyes; together forever in the murder house. 

1. Episode 5: "Boy Wonder"

The fifth episode ended with a Murder House cliffhanger. Knowing that we had to wait seven days for Madison and Behold to visit where it all began nearly killed us all.  

Have a favorite Apocalypse moment? Share yours in the comments!

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