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"Billions" To Return For A Fifth Season

"Billions" will get a Season 5. Showtime

Fans may never tire of Billions, which is why Showtime has given the hit series a fifth season just midway into its current fourth season. With a tag line like, "There's still vengeance to be had," we can only hope for more ruthlessness from Axe and Chuck in 2020. Viewership and critical acclaim has been strong for the series, and fans are excited as the program barrels towards it's finale on Sunday, June 9 at 9 PM.

6 days ago

Totally exciting news. The 4th season has given a new fresh and rejuvenated look to the show and it has been awesome so far.

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2 weeks ago

The show had become quite redundant, but this last season it improved. If by "vengeance to he had" they mean how Axe and Chuck (also Wendy) are crushed... yes please... if they mean how they get away with everything... that we already saw many times.

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