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BINGE REPORT: “Insatiable” Wins the Crown; Animated Programming Makes a Mark

Controversy pays off as "Insatiable" climbs to No. 1 on this week's report. Netflix

Whether you love, hate, or love to hate Netflix’s controversial show, Insatiable, viewers can’t seem to get enough! The dark comedy steals the crown from Orange Is the New Black (No. 2), leading our Binge Report with 4.34% of streams within our app. Animation also leaves quite an impression this week as Matt Groening’s latest fantasy series, Disenchantment (No. 5), makes its report debut and anime favorite, One Piece, returns at No. 9. Despite a wealth of new content paving the way, beloved CW programming such as The 100 (No. 3) and Riverdale (No. 10) continue to make strides during their hiatuses, and shows with dedicated fans like Brooklyn Nine-Nine (No. 7) and Grey’s Anatomy (No. 8) never cease as bingeing staples.

With the long-awaited release of Netflix’s, The Innocents and Ghoul, on the horizon, will the YA drama and foreign-language horror entries find high placement on our report? All will be revealed next Tuesday!

DID YOU KNOW? Insatiable continues to makes strides within the TV Time community with both “Patty” (Debby Ryan) and “Brick Armstrong” (Michael Provost) becoming the top two most voted on characters this week! 

*The weekly Binge Report tracks and ranks shows based on the number of episodes consumed by the millions of fans across the globe in our TV Time app.

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