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Feel-Good Movies To Watch During Self-Quarantine

Cozy up with a good movie! Paramount Pictures

Looking for a brief distraction from the world? How about a feel-good film? Whether you’re looking for laughs or love, these twelve movies might take your mind off things (for a couple hours, at least)!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Starring: Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, Jeffrey Jones

‘80s John Hughes at his finest! This comedy follows Ferris as he calls in sick from school and embarks on a one-day adventure in Chicago.

Cool Runnings

Starring: John Candy, Doug E. Doug, Malik Yoga, Rawle D. Lewis, Leon Robinson

After a Jamaican sprinter is disqualified from the Olympic Games, he finds another way to participate by starting the first Jamaican Bobsled Team.

Mamma Mia!

Starring: Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard

Sing along to Abba tunes as a bride-to-be tries to find her real father.

Step Brothers

Starring: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Mary Steenburgen, Richard Jenkins

A comedy that makes you laugh out loud every time! Two middle-aged men still living at home are forced to become brothers and roommates when their parents marry.


Starring: Mara Wilson, Danny Devito, Rhea Perlman

This film adaptation of the Roald Dahl book tells the story of Matilda, a smart and gifted child who develops a telekinetic ability to fight back against her cruel parents and an evil principal.

The Princess Bride

Starring: Fred Savage, Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon

To not have this movie on your list would be inconceivable! A grandfather reads his sick grandson a fairy tale filled with adventure and romance.

Cinema Paradiso

Starring: Philippe Noriet, Marco Leonardi, Jacques Perrin, Enzo Cannavale

An Oscar-winning Italian film where a filmmaker recalls his childhood; sharing when he first fell in love with the movies and formed a friendship with the theater’s projectionist.


Starring: Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, Maggie Smith

“Rufio, Rufio, Ru-fi-ooooo!” When Captain Hook kidnaps his children, a now adult Peter Pan must return to Neverland to find his youthful spirit and win them back.


Starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Ellie Kemper

A competition between Annie, the maid of honor, and another bridesmaid upends Annie’s life as the two try to prove who is the bride’s BFF.

Paddington 2

Starring: Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw

Finally settled with the Brown family, Paddington picks up a series of odd jobs in order to buy the perfect gift for his Aunt’s 100th birthday -- only for the gift to be stolen!

Groundhog Day

Starring: Bill Murray, Andie Macdowell, Chris Elliott

Before Russian Doll, we had Groundhog Day … A TV weatherman finds himself living the same day over and over again, and slowly starts to live his life differently.

Singin’ in the Rain

Starring: Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor

Bust out a classic! As “talkies” take over the movie industry, Hollywood’s biggest silent film stars make a difficult transition to sound.