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Deaths Begin To Rack Up In "The Last of the Starks"

"The Last of the Starks" broke our hearts. HBO

Only two more episodes to go and the final season of Game of Thrones is really starting to wear us to the bone. With the dead buried, it's on to the final war in King's Landing, but there's still drama at every turn. Relive some of the most memorable moments of one of the final episodes of Game of Thrones with us if you dare! [SPOILERS AHEAD]

10. The Resistance Arrives in King's Landing

Daenerys certainly road into King's Landing quite smug initially, but that was before she was presented with Euron and the Gold Company's fleet. After a huge setback, the resistance limped the rest of the way to the city walls, where tragedy struck again.

9. Gendry Proposes

We love Gendry and Arya together. He's the one person she can trust and let her guard down with, but a marriage between the couple was not to be. Following Gendry being awarded his own house he proposed to Arya, but she turned him down. That's just not who she is anymore.

8. Jaime Leaves To Join The Fight

After deciding to remain behind amongst the safe confines of Winterfell and in the arms of Brienne, Jaime headed out to join the fight. Leaving Brienne behind was almost certainly a mistake, but is Jaime leaving to kill Cersei? Or to save her?

7. Sansa Makes Theon A Stark

After crying over Theon's dead body at the funeral of the fallen, Sansa awarded Theon her Stark pin, which officially made the reluctant hero an official Stark (albeit posthumously).

6. Jaime And Brienne Make It Official

Fans have shipped this couple for season after season and finally on the eve of the final battle, Brienne and Jaime came together. It may have been a fleeting relationship and we hope that we will see them united again, but this was a bittersweet moment that everyone loved.

5. Tormund ... The Original Bar Fly

Drunk Tormund is maybe the best Tormund. In an evening that honored the dead and celebrated the living, Tormund's impressive drinking skills made for some huge laughs and great revelry.

4. Jon Leaves Ghost Behind

With Tormund and the Free Folk heading back into the icy tundra of the North, Jon instructed Tormund to care for his direwolf who wouldn't fare well on his trip to the South. It was hardly the goodbye fans were expecting and viewers were angry at how perfunctorily this special animal was cast aside. 

3. Daenerys Burns With Anger

In an episode where the fandom quietly began to question Dany's sanity as she started to resemble her mad father, this look said it all. With one of her remaining dragons dead, her best friend murdered, and an insurrection amongst her allies, Daenerys really is far from ok.

2. Rhaegal Goes The Way Of His Brother

We officially lost Wight Viserion in the last episode, but Rhaegal's death stung a bit more. Jon's dragon, named after his father, was taken out by Euron's fleet with Euron at the helm of a mounted "Scorpion," a weapon we haven't seen for several seasons. RIP Rhaegal!

1. Missandei's Final Act

Missandei may have been captured by Queen Cersei, but she could not be broken. In her final moments, Missandei neither begged nor asked for mercy, but instead uttered one single word ... "Dracarys" before being executed. And the fandom wept!

A tough episode, but were these some of the most memorable moments?

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