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"Game of Thrones" Season 3: A Wedding To Remember

The Red Wedding occupied viewers minds in Season 3. HBO

Season 3 was a bloody, bloody season that left fans reeling. With 4 fateful moments surrounding the Red Wedding alone, Game of Thrones' third season could arguably be the most tragic we've seen thus far. Check out the most memorable Season 3 moments below, just be sure you take a breath before reminding yourselves just how hard this season was to watch.

Spoilers lie ahead ...

10. Joffrey's First Personal Kill

We knew Joffrey was sadistic, but Season 3 finally gave us proof, when a devious Littlefinger found out that Ros was spying on him for Varys. In the end he gave her to King Joffrey, who tied her to the bed and used her for live target practice. R.I.P. Ros, we hardly knew you!

9. Jaime, Brienne, And A Bear

Season 3 gave us one of our favorite duos -- Brienne and Jaime who we learned would die for one another. Following an unsuccessful attempt to ransom Brienne to her father, Locke threw her into a gladiator pit with a bear and only a wooden sword to defend herself. Ever the galant Jaime jumped into the pit to protect her and with the help of Steelshanks, the two made it out alive. 

8. Talisa's Gruesome Murder

Everyone knew this marriage was never meant to be, but Talisa Stark paid the first of many prices at the Red Wedding. During the celebration Lothar Frey repeatedly stabbed Talisa in the stomach, killing her unborn child, and resulting in her death. Despite his own wounds Robb crawled towards Talisa and embraced her, even in his death throes. 

7. Ygritte And Jon Snow Atop The Wall

As Jon and the wildlings climbed the wall, Ygritte inadvertently caused a large crack in the ice. Jon grabbed their safety rope, but Orell cut it and Jon barely managed to pull himself and Ygritte to safety. When they finally reached the top of the wall, they shared a passionate kiss, happy to still be alive. 

6. Grey Wind's Death

Robb's direwolf Grey Wind accompanied Robb to the wedding of Roslin Frey and Edmure Tully, but when the Freys and Boltons turned on the Starks, Grey Wind was shot several times with a crossbow. R.I.P. Grey Wind!

5. The Unsullied Freed

Freedom!!! After Daenerys freed the Unsullied she asked them if they would join her and fight for her as free men. The Unsullied unanimously agreed and Daenerys' new fortified army marched out of the Red City.

4. Daenerys: The Liberator

As the freed men walked outside the walls of Yunkai, Daenerys told them they must choose to reach for their freedom. After a moment the crowd started chanting "mhysa", which meant "mother" and she was embraced by the former slaves. 

3. Daenerys Turns Drogon on Kraznyz mo Nakloz

After exchanging Drogon for the Unsullied, Daenerys ordered her army to kill all the slave masters and free the slaves. When a terrified slave-trader Kraznys called for someone to kill Dany, she ordered Drogon to burn him alive.

2. Robb Stark's Death

After having witnessed his wife Talisa's death, Robb stood and called out to his mother, who looked on as Roose Bolton stabbed Robb through the heart.

1. The Red Wedding Ends With One Final Death

Horror upon horrors, the Red Wedding never seemed to end, but it mercifully did when Catelyn Stark met her end at the hands of Black Walder Rivers.

Was this bloody season good for you? Tell us in the comments.