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The Penultimate "Game of Thrones" Episode Rung Our Bells

Arya was front and center in "The Bells." HBO

It's almost over folks! It's all come down to this. Game of Thrones has just one episode left to wrap things up and the penultimate episode of the series -- "The Bells" was certainly a controversial one. With an extraordinarily long run time and a high body count, death, madness, and betrayal was everywhere. Take a journey back to what the fandom believes to be the most memorable moments.

10. The Mountain Reveals Himself

With the Cleganebowl underway, the fandom was curious what The Mountain looked like now that he's been reanimated and they were not disappointed. Eeek!

9. Nora And Her Daughter Perish

Nora and her young daughter ended up being the visual reference and embodiment of the destruction of King's Landing throughout this episode. Arya kept trying to help the family repeatedly, but always fell short. One could easily see how their charred remains would change Arya significantly.

8. Arya And The Hound Part Ways For The Last Time

While they rode into King's Landing together, Arya and The Hound weren't destined to leave it united. This strange father/daughter relationship that we have come to admire finally came to a close when Arya thanked "Sandor" for taking up the mantle of crossing her final name of her list.

7. Varys Pays The Price For Betrayal

He always had the best interests of the realm at heart, but Varys' betrayal meant being subjected to the ultimate sentence. In the end, Tyrion was honest with his friend, confessing that he was the one to reveal his treason to Dany, and Varys met his admission with hope for the future, just before Drogon incinerated him.

6. Tyrion's Worst Fears Are Realized

After the death of Varys, we all knew it was a possibility that Daenerys would level the city regardless of surrender, but Tyrion wanted to believe that she wouldn't. As he looked around to  see the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, Tyrion learned the price of putting his faith in a tyrant.

5. Madness You Say?

After we learned that Daenerys had stopped eating following the news that Jon's lineage secret was out, her efforts against the Ironborn had failed, and that Missandei was dead, it was only a matter of time before we saw what the ravages of madness would do to our Dany.

4. The Cleganebowl Ends

With a zombified-psychopath for a brother, fans always knew that The Hound's odds were against him when it came to defeating his older sibling. But after nearly going the way of Oberyn Martell (nice callback BTW) and having his eyes badly damaged, The Hound took the opportunity to fling them both over the turret and into the fire below. No one wins The Cleganebowl in the great game. No one!

3. Arya Escapes The City

In the past, Arya spent little time ruminating over the dead she left behind, but that changed in this episode. With King's Landing afire and so much death everywhere, Arya rode out atop a pale white horse. Her method of transport and what she's riding towards is still left up to the viewer, but many speculate she'll either embrace more revenge or peace at last.

2. The Twins Meet Their End Together

When Jaime left Brienne back in Winterfell, the fandom was unclear if he was riding towards Cersei to save her or kill her, but all that uncertainty came to a close in their final moments together. With Cersei begging to be saved and the rocks crumbling around them, the Lannister siblings held onto one another (presumably) into the afterlife.

1. The Queen Rides Alone

With bells of surrender ringing in her ears, Daenerys looked to the Red Keep atop Drogon as King's Landing lay besieged beneath her. The location represents a tremendous amount of familial pain and she clearly wrestled with her decision to scorch the town before her. But we all know what happened next ...

A polarizing episode to be sure, but do you agree that these were the most memorable moments in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones?

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