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And Just Like That "Game Of Thrones" Is Over: Check Out The Final Episode's Best Moments

Fans said goodbye to their favorite series, that was not without conflict! HBO

An epic finale indeed and one that landed amongst the fans with a lot of friction. The final episode of Game of Thrones ... titled "The Iron Throne" was full of conflict, that will echo in the annals of pop culture for some time to come. Were you satisfied with how the show wrapped up? Take a walk down memory lane to see what moments the fandom deemed the most memorable. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

10. Drogon Exits ... Stage Left

With Daenerys held in this claw, the great beast left the ruins of King's Landing. While we are aware that Drogon's still alive, given Bran's ability to track him, it is clear that the creators wanted to leave the door wide open to introduce dragons into any prequel or sequel in the future. And we are very ok with that!

9. Jaime And Cersei Are Found

As Tyrion cleared away the rubble away from his two siblings, it became evident that Jaime and Cersei clearly went out of this world the way they came into it. A fitting end to a couple who personified co-dependency, but a sad reveal nonetheless.

8. All Hail Bran The Broken!

Not the King many would have picked, but perhaps the King we all deserve. It would have been an easy choice for the creators of GoT to have picked Democracy as the way to rule moving forward, but instead we got a King that would break the succession upon his death and one that didn't really want to rule anyway. It's called a compromise.

7. Jon Rides Out With The Free Folk

Fans were clearly mixed on Jon's ending. Was banishing Jon to the Night's Watch (a seemingly redundant quorum of law enforcement now that the Night King and his Army of the Dead are gone) the right thing to do? Or was it the perfect way to wrap up a complicated character mired in conflict? He certainly seemed at peace leading the Free Folk in the North, so maybe that's the best way to leave it?

6. Jon Reunites With Ghost

After returning to the North as punishment for killing Daenerys, there was no creature happier to see Jon (other than Tormund) than his direwolf Ghost. Calls that Jon did his dog dirty earlier in the season were immediately silenced upon this adorable reunion.

5. Jon Kills Daenerys

We all knew it was coming after Jon Snow's long and fateful conversation with Tyrion, but it still broke the fandom's hearts to see Jon kill his lover. Holding her during the end, in much the same was he did Ygritte, the call back to Jon losing the women in his life over-and-over again rang true.

4. Drogon Realizes His Mother Is Dead

The animals in Game of Thrones have always played on our heartstrings and this moment was no different. With Daenerys dead at the hands of Jon, Drogon attempted to nudge his mother back to life, but sadly, it didn't work. We almost forgave him for laying waste to an entire city.

3. Sansa Rules The North

After pushing the council of Houses at the Dragonpit to let the North remain a free state, Sansa was eventually crowned Queen. It was a perfect end to a leader who will almost certainly rule justly. We salute our "Queen in the North!"

2. Drogon Sets The Throne Ablaze

Who knew that dragons understood political metaphors so well? With his mother dead and the last dragon unwilling to torch her murderer, Drogon unleashed all of his fury on the Iron Throne itself, thereby breaking the wheel his mother was so anxious to end and assuring Westeros that no one would ever sit atop the highest symbol of power again.

1. Arya Sets Sail

"Arya the Explorer" memes swept the internet hours after the final episode aired. It was really the only fitting end that her character could have. Always possessing the soul of an adventurer, Arya set sail for new lands and fans seemed to be at peace with her future, which fit better than serving as a Hand to another, or as Gendry's wife. All hail Arya Stark!

Were these your favorite moments? How did you feel about the series' conclusion?

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