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The Top 10 Most Meme'd Moments from "The Good Place"

We'll miss these forkin' weirdos. NBC

All good things must come to an end, and in the end, some bad things actually turn out to be good. That’s actually what’s happened during our journey through the Bad Place on The Good Place with Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, Michael, and Janet. This group managed to find some good in what could have been a horrible time (and at points, it was), and now they’re coming out the other side as better people. Are they still dead? Sure are, but that’s neither here nor there right now. The point is that everything is going to be fine in the end. 

Ahead of the fourth, and final, season of NBC’s The Good Place we’re taking a look at some of the best meme’d moments from the past three seasons. This list could honestly be a hundred moments long, as there are so many hilarious and memorable moments from the past three seasons, and who knows what’s going to happen in the Bad — or the real Good — Place come Season 4. Check out the list of moments below, and see if your favorites make the cut! 

10. S2E7, “Derek”

Surprise, Shawn knows what’s going on and wants a word with Michael (and says some very Mad Men-esque things like, “shut the door, have a seat”). 

9. S3E1, "Everything Is Bonzer!"

Know that’s the one thing that could make a perfect life on Earth absolutely horrible? Well, his name is Trevor and even though he’s brought matching sweatshirts for everyone he’s still a demon. 

8. S1E7, “The Eternal Shriek”

For the first time, Eleanor tries to confess that she’s not supposed to be here and tells everyone that she’s the problem in the neighborhood. Uh oh. 

7. S1E10, “Chidi’s Choice” 

Janet and Jason get married! There’s nothing purer than the love between a former citizen of Florida and a not-robot person. 

6. S3E12, “Pandemonium”

The only way to save the Soul Squad is to wipe Chidi’s memories. But before that happens, he and Eleanor watch a montage of their time together in the Bad Place, and re-live every single reset and their love story. 

5. S1E1, “Everything is Fine” 

Welcome, everything is fine! It’s fine because that’s what the big wall sign says and you’ve got to believe it. 

4. S2E8, “Leap to Faith”

Have we ever seen Michael show this much emotion? After the foursome emerges from between the train tracks (they were hiding there all along!), Michael is overjoyed to realize that they understood his insane plan to save them. 

3. S3E12, “Pandemonium”

So Chidi’s dead (...again?), and he has absolutely no memory of his time with Eleanor. But she remembers everything and welcomes him back to the Bad— er, Good Place. 

2. S2E10, “Best Self”

To save your friends sometimes you’ve got to push them through a portal into the unknown. 

1. S1E3, “Tahani Al-Jamil"

Hearing Jason’s voice come out of that body is one of the most jarring, and downright hilarious, moments of the entire Good Place series. Help him out, homie! 

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