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Most Tracked Shows Of Spring 2019

Of course, "Game of Thrones" made the list! HBO

Spring quickly came and went, and although it sent our allergies haywire, the season did bring us a plethora of great television! From major series finales and new seasons of fan-favorites to superhero and supernatural shows, spring kept us pretty busy.  

Before we move into summer programming, let's revisit spring's top 20 most-tracked series in the U.S.!

20. Law & Order: SVU

With this procedural wrapping a 20th season in May, it's safe to say that we never tire of the Special Victims Unit and "their stories."

19. The 100

The 100 made its return at the end of April to take us to a world we've never seen before and set our characters on unexpected trajectories.

18. Santa Clarita Diet

At least Netflix gave us one last season with the Hammond family before announcing the show's cancelation ... Here's hoping it can be brought back from the dead!

17. Good Girls

Good Girls is done playing nice! During the series' second season, this NBC crime dramedy gained an even bigger following and climbed into the Binge Report's top 10. 

16. The Blacklist

Will the real "Reddington" please stand up? The never-ending twists and high-stakes of The Blacklist made for an exciting sixth season. 

15. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow kept getting weirder in its fourth season, and that's a very good thing.  

14. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Boss witch, Sabrina Spellman, explored her darker side in April's "Part 2" release and we applaud the added complexity to her character.

13. Supergirl

Supergirl took it up a notch with not one -but two - interesting villains and a more complex storyline in Season 4. Jon Cryer's turn as Lex Luthor also added more dimension to the series.

12. 9-1-1

The crazy emergencies got us hooked, but it's the chosen family of first responders that continued to capture our hearts.

11. Jane the Virgin

The end is near! The fifth and final season of The CW's telenovela arrived at the start of spring. Cure the waterworks!

10. Supernatural

Because there's never enough Winchester brothers content ... fans indulged in the penultimate season of Supernatural.

9. Arrow

Sensing a theme here? Arrowverse fans rejoiced after The CW's spring return of several DC favorites, and what's an "Arrowverse" without the man himself?

8. The Big Bang Theory

After twelve seasons, TBBT went out with a bang in May's two-part series finale. We will miss our self-described nerds. 

7. Superstore

Watching people in at a megastore is better than working at one. We love watching these workers, hardly work.

6. Riverdale

Season 3 may have ended the "Gryphons and Gargoyles" story, but left us with an even bigger cliffhanger. 

5. The Flash

 Watching Barry Allen save Central City never gets old and with the inclusion of someone very important to Barry this season, saw the program intensify.

4. Lucifer

After dominating our Binge Report for several weeks in a row, how could this little devil NOT make the cut?

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One word: "Noice!" Fans never missed a beat as the 99 moved from FOX to NBC in Season 6.

2. Grey's Anatomy

The crew at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital kept fans busy with sixteen seasons worth of bingeing material! 

1. Game of Thrones

No. 1 comes as a surprise to no one — spring brought the final six episodes of Game of Thrones. With scenes that were almost too dark to see, a major Starbucks blooper, and a record-setting finale, fans couldn't look away. 

*The "Most Tracked Shows of Spring 2019" is based on episodes tracked in the U.S. from 3/20/19-6/19/19. 

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