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Most Watched Shows of Summer 2021


What did TV Time users do this summer? ...Seems like they spent a lot of time indoors watching awesome shows. 😆 Check out the most watched shows of summer and see what you need to catch up on.

20. Too Hot to Handle


...but not too hot to binge! The June release of Too Hot to Handle Season 2 put the Netflix reality series in the top 20.

19. Sex Education


The third season of Sex Education arrived at the tail end of summer and still made the cut!

18. The Good Doctor


The Good Doctor’s summer break didn’t stop bingers from catching up on previous seasons.

17. The Walking Dead


Fans of TWD were more than ready for its eleventh and final season, which kicked off in August.

16. The Office


This NBC comedy never gets old!

15. Naruto Shippuden

TV Tokyo

Naruto hasn’t aired a new episode since 2017, but continues to be discovered and binged by new fans.

14. Friends


Did spring’s reunion inspire everyone to rewatch Friends this summer? You betcha.

13. Rick and Morty

Adult Swim

Summer started off right with season 5 this Adult Swim favorite.

12. My Hero Academia

Nippon TV

Season 5 of My Hero Academia has been airing weekly all summer, keeping this anime favorite just shy of the top ten shows of the season.

11. Loki


It may not be quite as popular as WandaVision, but Marvel’s Loki secures the No. 11 slot after taking viewers on a journey traveling through time.

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


The series finale of B99 aired this month. What are we going to do now?! …Rewatch it, of course!

9. Outer Banks


The sophomore season of coastal drama Outer Banks dropped in July, making for a perfect binge on those summer nights.

8. Atypical


Yet another series we said ‘goodbye’ to this summer! The final episodes (and that powerful finale) left fans feeling a lot of feelings…

7. Never Have I Ever


The biggest question of summer: Are you Team Paxton or Team Ben?

6. Grey’s Anatomy


Seventeen seasons to watch kept bingers busy all summer long.

5. Modern Family


The message is clear. TV Time users are not tired of bingeing Modern Family!

4. Money Heist


Surrendering was not an option in Part 5, Vol. 1 of Money Heist. It’s going to be tough waiting for Vol. 2 this December.

3. Lucifer


Lucifer likes! Everyone’s favorite devil returned to Netflix in September with its sixth season.

2. One Piece

Fuji TV

Nearly 1,000 episodes later, the long-running anime series continued to thrive during the summer season.

1. Elite


You live for drama! Following the events of Polo’s death, the dark Spanish mystery series continued with its fourth season as the school, Las Encinas, enforced completely different rules.

*The “Most Watched Shows of Summer 2021” is based on episodes tracked in TV Time from 6/20/21-9/20/21.

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