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What We're Watching: November at TV Time

"The Good Place" is a popular pick around the office. NBC

Looking for something to watch over the holidays? Here at TV Time, our team is made up of TV watchers and bingers who are as passionate as they come -- and we’ve got some hand-picked recommendations just for you. We went around the office and asked a few of these expert TV fans what show they were most thankful for this holiday season. What resulted is a list of some seriously awesome shows for you to check out! 


Director, Data Solutions

Thankful for: Outlander

“Having read the book series by the amazing Diana Gabaldon, it’s been so wonderful to see this epic time-traveling story come to life. Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (as Claire and Jamie) have incredible chemistry, but you would severely misjudge this show if you think of it as merely “eye candy.” It is beautifully shot on location in Scotland and the attention to historical details, Scottish culture, and depictions of war, brutality and even medicine in the 1700s give the show a truly unique mixture of adventure-meets-romance-meets-fantasy-meets-historical fiction, all rolled into one show I am thankful for!”


Lead Android Developer

Thankful for: The Good Place

“The Good Place is an incredibly original and surprising comedy. The characters are so funny, with their own different backgrounds. But most of all, it surprises us every episode and season with unexpected direction. What could go wrong in “Paradise”?!”


Graphic Designer

Thankful for: Parks and Rec

“The show I’m most thankful for is Parks and Rec. It’s such a feel good show, I’d just jump in to a random episode whenever I need a pick-me-up or want to watch something light-hearted and familiar.”


Data Scientist

Thankful for: Looking for Alaska

“From the moment it introduces the characters with The Killers’ ‘All These Things I’ve Done’ playing in the background, I knew I was in for a ride that would bring flooding back all the emotions, uncertainty, and wonder of growing up in the aughts. The source book was one of my favorites as a teen, and it’s amazing to see the story and all of its characters given more depth and sophistication than I could have imagined. Be prepared to laugh, cry, feel, reminisce, and ponder upon the meaning of your Great Perhaps.”


QA Manager

Thankful for: Hannah Montana

“I'm thankful for Hannah Montana because it's a twist on the super hero dual identity story with our hero being a pop star. Miley learns how to be an “Ordinary Girl” and get the “Best of Both Worlds” while teaching us that “Nobody's Perfect” and “Life's What You Make It”! Miley and Hannah show us it's not the wig that makes the pop star but the pop star makes the wig.”


Social Media Manager

Thankful for: Atypical

“Atypical because the casting, music, and messages in the show all tie together very nicely. It's a great and easy watch, and I can honestly say I've watched each season in a day.”


Director of People Operations

Thankful for: The Hook Up Plan

“Recently I enjoyed "The Hookup Plan", which is a show that I discovered through a friend that recommended it to me. I like it because it is in french, so it is great to watch something in my mother tongue, which I almost never do. Then it is very light and entertaining to me; after a long day of work, sometimes I just want to enjoy some content that is easy to watch and that brings me joy; instead of stress and or suspense. It also brings up the women's friendship theme, which I like because I can relate to it.”

We'll be back with more employee recommendations in the future! In the meantime, check out Zach's WTF (Watch This Friday) on our Twitter every Friday and download the app for your own personalized recommendations.

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