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"Once Upon a Time" Season 7 scoop: New love, new characters

It's looking like Lucy's mother may be none other than Cinderella herself. ABC

Once Upon a Time fans have been waiting on pins and needles since the end of Season Six revealed not only a serious time jump to when Henry (Andrew J. West) is now an adult and has a daughter, Lucy (Alison Fernandez), but also because only three series regulars are still a part of the cast: Robert Carlyle, Colin O'Donoghue and Lana Parrilla.

At San Diego Comic-Con Saturday (July 22), Oncers finally got some answers about just what their favorite ABC fairytale drama is going to look like come fall.

First off, the producers screened two scenes from the Season Seven premiere for fans at SDCC. The first scene showed young Henry (Jared Gilmore) leaving Storybrooke after high school to pursue new fairytales in different realms. The second scene showed adult Henry (West) riding a motorcycle and crashing into Cinderella (now played by Dania Ramirez) in a horse-drawn carriage.

As for the season as a whole, executive producer Eddy Kitsis says, "Henry is on a new adventure and wants to visit other storybooks with different stories and he falls in love with Cinderella ... and he gets in trouble and calls out for help from his family and [Rumpel, Hook and Regina] come to his rescue. It's these three and Henry on an epic adventure and that's the next chapter of Once Upon a Time."

He also adds that the theme is "never stop fighting for what you believe in and never give up."

The EPs also revealed a few new series regulars. In addition to Ramirez as Cinderella, the show has also added Gabrielle Anwar as wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine, Adelaide Kane evil stepsister Drizella, Mekia Cox as Tiana and Rose Reynolds as a new version of Alice in Wonderland, since "no one watched the spinoff," Kitsis jokes of the short-lived Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

And fans shouldn't worry too much about never seeing familiar faces again. EP Adam Horowitz says that it's their hope "that we'll be seeing a lot of them pop up from time to time. This isn't the end."

Once Upon a Time moves to Friday nights in fall 2017 on ABC.