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Weekly Podcast Roundup

New podcast episodes about "Marvel's Runaways" are hitting the airwaves. Hulu


Now that the holidays are over, some of your favorite shows are making a come back. The Good Place Podcast returns to discuss "The Book of Dougs" with William Jackson Harper, Nicole Byer and Associate Producer, Matt Quezada. 


Marvel Podcast, Welcome to Level 7, is breaking down the second season of  Runaways. They crew is getting into their cast's "new normal" and ask the big question: Does Season 2 continue the greatness of Season 1?

Strange Indeed cover Black Mirror's must talked about episode, “Bandersnatch.” Rima and Shawn share their top five moments, and notes about the the adventures and its options.


The On-Call Room is throwing it back to Grey's Anatomy Season 5! Bri and Abbey talk about the two-part premiere, and relive the days when "Mer and Der" finally got together.