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#FBF Top Ross and Rachel Moments

"We were on a break!" NBC

After ten seasons of “will they, won’t they,” Ross Geller and Rachel Green shared numerous scenes filled with laughter, heartbreak, and a lot of kissing. Let’s revisit one of television’s most monumental ‘90s couples with some of TV Time users’ favorite Friends moments!

And to make things more fun, we’ve rated the scenes based on “Heartbreak” 💔 and “Full Hearts” ❤️! Scroll below to see the top 10 Ross and Rachel moments. (Can you believe “I take thee Rachel” didn’t make the cut?!)

10. “The One with the Morning After” S3E16

… Were they ever really on a break? The first break-up between Ross and Rachel hit right in the feels. At least we had the rest of the gang to balance the sadness with laughter. 💔

9. “The One with Rachel’s Date” S8E5

They were almost there … Just when Rachel changes her mind about meeting Ross for coffee, she finds him speaking to a woman he met at Monica and Chandler’s wedding. 💔

8. “The One with Phoebe's Rats” S9E12

Rachel’s new colleague (played by Dermot Mulroney!) confesses that he has feelings for her while Ross, unfortunately, has a perfect view of the incident. 💔

7. “The One where Rachel Has a Baby” S8E24

The two share a special moment after Rachel survives childbirth, and yet another Janice encounter, to bring Emma Geller-Green into the world. ❤️

6. “The One in Vegas” S5E24

One of the funniest surprises throughout Friends ten seasons is this Vegas wedding! After doing incredibly embarrassing things to one another and getting very drunk, the two end up wandering into a chapel to become, “Mrs. Ross and Mr. Rachel.” ❤️

5. “The One With the East German Laundry Detergent” S1E5

Rachel’s self-confidence rises as Ross shows her how to do laundry, sealing her new found independence with a celebratory kiss. ❤️

4. “The One Where Rachel Finds Out” S1E24

After Rachel realizes Ross is in love with her, she tries to get a message to him before he leaves for China. Assuming he received the message, she eagerly waits to greet him upon his return. Little does she know that Ross has met someone new… CRUSHING. 💔

3. “The One With Rachel’s Going Away Party” S10E16

When Rachel prepares to move to Paris, she says her goodbyes to everyone -- except for Ross. He confronts her, which leads to a confession and a passionate kiss. 💔/❤️

2. “The One with the Prom Video” S2E14

“He’s her lobster!” Enough said. ❤️

1. “The One Where Ross Finds Out” S2E7

Finally, the No. 1 moment and the first real kiss! Ross shows up at Central Perk’s door without a cat … leading to this full make out sesh. ❤️ *SCREAMING*

So, how did our ten moments rank?

💔Heartbreak: 3.5  // ❤️Full Hearts: 5.5 ! 

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