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Saddest Episodes of 2020 (So Far)

Kristen Bell and William Jackson Harper in "The Good Place" NBC

The loss of several characters and the end of many series had us in tears this year -- And it’s only July! Grab a tissue, and scroll below to revisit the saddest episodes of 2020 (so far).

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.]

15. Cable Girls - S5E5 “Chapter 42: The End”

The last chapter of Cable Girls brings the final phase of the group’s escape plan, ultimately leading Lydia, Carlota, Marga, and Óscar to make a momentous decision.

14. BoJack Horseman - S6E16 “Nice While It Lasted”

Everyone has grown apart by the series finale of BoJack Horseman, but BoJack gets permission to leave prison and attend Princess Carolyn’s wedding; putting everyone together one last time.

13. My Hero Academia - S4E14 “Bright Future”

Although the raid against the Shie Hassaikai was a success, it came with a cost. Those involved are taken to their respective hospitals where Nighteye realizes he won’t recover, and clings to life to say his final goodbyes.

12. Never Have I Ever - S1E10 “...Said I’m Sorry”

Everything is in disarray as Devi begins to repair the relationships between her best friends and her mother while tackling the grief over her father’s death. (And perhaps some fans voted “sad” over the Devi and Ben kiss. Who's to say!)

11. The Good Doctor - S3E20 “I Love You”

The second-half of Season 3’s two-part finale brings the heartbreak as the doctors of St. Bonaventure put their own safety at risk to save the lives of those around them. (Dr. Melendez 💔)

10. Arrow - S8E10 “Fadeout”

So hard to say ‘goodbye!’ The CW superhero series signs off with flashbacks, tears, and one more fight scene.

9. Anne with an E - S3E3 “What Can Stop the Determined Heart”

The Season 3 episode quickly becomes a tearjerker when Mary is diagnosed with Sepsis, and Gilbert must deliver the news; making him question his decision to become a doctor.

8. How to Get Away with Murder - S6E15 “Stay”

The 90th and final episode of HTGAWM! The verdict is in as Annalise is found not guilty by the jury. The jam-packed episode continues to pull twists and turns with an assassination at the courthouse, and the reveal of when Annalise’s future funeral takes place.

7. Elite - S3E8 “Polo”

The truth surrounding Polo’s murder unfolds in the Season 3 finale with Lu stabbing Polo in a fit of passion before learning that he reinstated her scholarship.

6. Grey’s Anatomy - S16E16 “Leave a Light On”

“Any chance to take the easy way out.” Viewers were disappointed by Karev’s abrupt exit as the fan-favorite left by sending four handwritten letters to his wife and colleagues explaining that he was with Izzie and their twins!

5. Vikings - S6E7 “The Ice Maiden”

Bjorn returns to Kattegat and he and Ubbe decide how to handle the accidental killing of Lagertha, which leads to a beautiful funeral and character sendoff.

4. Sex Education - S2E8 “Episode 8”

The Season 2 finale upset fans after Isaac listens and deletes Otis’ voicemail confessing his love to Maeve. Will they ever get together?!

3. The Good Place S4E13 “Whenever You’re Ready”

The new afterlife system is running smoothly in the bittersweet series finale of The Good Place. Jason, Chidi, and Eleanor eventually make the decision to walk through the Last Door while Tahani finds a new goal to strive for, and Michael gets his happy ending on Earth.

2. 13 Reasons Why S4E10 “Graduation”

The 90-minute emotional farewell reveals Justin’s HIV diagnosis with little time left, ultimately leading to his funeral. The group also says ‘goodbye’ to high school and buries Hannah’s tapes for closure as they head towards the next chapter in their lives.

1. Money Heist S4E6 “TKO”

When Gandia takes Nairobi hostage to strike a bargain in Part 4, it only ends in heartbreak as the gang succumbs to Gandia’s demands, and he ends Nairobi’s life anyway.

*Featuring the top episode per series, the “Saddest Episodes of 2020 (so far)” is based on in-app emotion votes in TV Time from 1/1/20-7/21/20,

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