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The Saddest Episodes of 2019

It's okay to cry. Netflix

If you can believe it, the year is almost over and that means it's a perfect time to look back at all the things that made us sad this year — but only on television. While most times TV is an escape from reality and a way to relax and enjoy something for 30-60 minutes it can also make us uncontrollably weep and wreck our emotions for hours, if not days, after. 

While it might not be the happiest thing to talk about, often times the saddest episodes of television are the best ones because they linger with us for a while longer. While all of these episodes certainly upset us, let's not forget that they were all good emotions that had a few more emotions than leaving us simply distraught. Come on, the finale of Stranger Things made us laugh and cheer, but yeah, also completely wrecked us for a while. 

Below, check out the top 20 saddest episodes of television so far this year. Did your favorite make the list? 

20. The Handmaid's Tale, S3E6

On a trip to Washington D.C., June learns that things are horrible in the nation’s former capital. Not only that, she’s forced to lead a march of the handmaids asking for the safe return of baby Nichole.

19. The 100, S6E9

Octavia tries to regain her memories, while also trying to redeem herself. But the thing that tugs on our heartstrings the most is that Kane kills himself after a tearful goodbye with Abby.

18. Attack on Titan, S3E17

Erwin leads an attack, Levi takes on the Beast Titan and Armin devises a risky strategy. In the aftermath, Eren drags the limbless Bertholt towards the severely burnt Armin whom Eren recalls has always quietly been braver than he appears.

17. Euphoria, S1E8

Just when you think Rue and Jules are on their way to a happy ending, things fall apart. In a flashback, we see Rue’s father die and learn that the sweatshirt jacket she’s been wearing all along is his.

16. Sex Education, S1E5

Not only do Jackson and Maeve encounter troubles in their relationship, but Otis and Eric do, too. Otis stands Eric up for a show, and though Eric goes alone, he’s assaulted on his way home.

15. When They See Us, S1E1

It’s rare that the first episode of any series gives us a major gut punch, but When They See Us delivered incredibly feels right away showing us the story of the Central Park 5.

14. 13 Reasons Why, S3E8

Think whatever you want about Bryce Walker, he’s not a good guy. But, he does try to better himself before his death as the school’s former guidance counselor, Mr. Porter tries to help him the best he can.

13. The Umbrella Academy, S1E8

We finally learn Vanya’s sad backstory in this episode including why she was kept away from her siblings during childhood. And, this revelation has dire consequences as Vanya then attacks Allison, slitting her throat.

12. Black Mirror, S5E2

Not only is the ending of this Black Mirror terribly grim and depressing, it definitely makes you question the apps you’re using on your phone.

11. The Big Bang Theory, S12E24

It’s the end of the road for our friends from 4A, as the series wraps up everyone’s storylines — and Sheldon is actually nice!

10. The Walking Dead, S9E15

The penultimate episode of the season sees Alpha disown her daughter Lyddia, while the rest of the group discovers a bunch of decapitated heads of their old friends. It’s not great.

9. Shadowhunters, S3E22

There are a whole lot of reasons to cry about the series finale of Shadowhunters, but at least we were crying some happy tears over Magnus and Alec’s wedding.

8. Grey's Anatomy, S15E19

In an episode that hits incredibly close to home for the current times, Jo and Teddy must deal with a patient who is admitted to the hospital for sexual assault.

7. Orange Is the New Black, S7E13

While some of our favorite inmates manage to make it out of Litchfield, many are still left behind in prison. Though not everyone is entirely happy with their outcome, the series finale at least makes it clear that these ladies are going to be okay.

6. Chernobyl, S1E5

Just because we know what happens doesn’t make the finale of the Chernobyl mini-series any less sad, as we also jump into the future to see the continued real-life consequences of the devastating accident.

5. Riverdale, S4E1

Oh boy, get the tissues, because the first episode of Riverdale Season 4 pays tribute to the late Luke Perry. Riverdale will never be the same without Fred Andrews.

4. Lucifer, S4E10

Not only is Lucifer forced to return back to Hell to try and contain the demons down there, but he finally realizes that Chloe is his true love — and she loves him right back!

3. Money Heist, S2E8

Things start to fall apart for the group as Ángel is in a car accident and falls into a coma, and on top of that Arturo is devastated to learn about Mónica and Denver’s affair.

2. Game of Thrones, S8E6

The end of this epic story finally comes to a close and no one ends up on the Iron Throne. At least some people have happy endings, like (most of) the Starks. The same can't be said for the Targaryens.

1. Stranger Things, S3E8

Even though the kids are going to win the Battle of Starcourt Mall, the unthinkable happens and Hopper “disappears.” On top of that, Eleven and Will leave town with the rest of the Byers and no one escaped with dry eyes. 

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