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What We're Watching: September at TV Time

Mrs. Maisel is a popular pick in the TV Time office! Variety

Here at TV Time, we're a part of our own community. That means we LOVE TV and are dedicated to watching our shows. Take a look at our current favorites and hot takes. Recommendations from us, real people like you obsessed with watching TV! And when it comes to binge’ing series, we're experts.

And to add a little spice, we dipped our hands into the TV Time data to also recommend what you should watch next. Of course, that is if you like a particular employee’s recommendation. 


Social Media Manager

Binge'ing: Workin' Moms

"It's funny, and it's a show my girlfriend and I watch together which is rare."

What to watch next according to TV Time data: Dead to Me or Friends from College 


Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Binge'ing: The Great British Bake Off

"You get to learn fun things about baking, everyone is so nice to each other, and it's wholesome reality TV that rarely exists anymore."

What to watch next according to TV Time data: Nailed It! or Queer Eye


Director of Community Support

Binge'ing: Lost Girl

"I've wanted to watch it for a long time but hadn't gotten around to it until recently. Love the premise of the show, love the LGBT representation, and Kenzi is my soul mate."

What to watch next according to TV Time data: Wynonna Earp or Bitten


Data Scientist

Binge'ing: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

"Just here to watch Monk have his usual breakdowns, but in the 1950s."

What to watch next according to TV Time data: Fleabag or Barry


Sr. Editor

Binge'ing: On Becoming a God in Central Florida

"Kirsten Dunst wearing braces, 1992 Florida, water parks, AND a pyramid scheme. What's not to like?!"

What to watch next according to TV Time data: GLOW or The Deuce 


Sr. Editorial and Operations Director

Binge'ing: Succession 

"I am loving Season 2 of 'Succession.' It is bananas! The Roys are deeply dysfunctional on every level and if you enjoy gamesmanship and palace intrigue, it's a truly entertaining watch."

What to watch next according to TV Time data: Veep or The Good Fight

We'll be back with more employee recommendations in the future!  In the meantime, check out Zack's WTF (Watch This Friday) on our Twitter every Friday and download the app for your own personalized recommendations.

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