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SHOWS ON THE RISE: Streaming Dramas Dominate The Top 10

"Alexa & Katie" take the No. 1 position! Netflix

The Season 3 release of Alexa & Katie (No. 1) earns top billing as we enter 2020! The Netflix sitcom rises to the top with a rise ratio of 97.9%, and the streaming platform only continues to win in the new year. Shows such as: Skam Italia (No. 2), TF1’s The Bonfire of Destiny (No. 7) and the final season of Anne with an E  (No. 7) receive a boost thanks in part to Netflix streaming, plus, the recent release of Turkish original drama, The Gift, finds placement at No. 9.

Meanwhile, television comebacks make waves with New Year’s Day episodes of Doctor Who (No. 6) on BBC One and the mid-season return of CBS procedural, Hawaii Five-0 (No. 10). Additionally, beloved series, Jane the Virgin (No. 4) and Money Heist (No. 8), return to the top 10 and remain bingeable favorites.

With a plethora of network series returning from the holiday break, and the January debuts of The New Pope and The Outsider, what will break into our report? All will be revealed next Monday!

DID YOU KNOW? There have been seven remakes of the Norwegian series, Skam. Skam Italia is the 3rd most-watched in TV Time, following the original (No. 1) and Skam France (No. 2). 

*Methodology: Every week, millions of viewers around the world use TV Time to track their favorite series. “Shows on the Rise” is calculated by determining the week-over-week growth in episodes watched for a given program.

Note: The network displayed is the network where the show first aired (e.g. “Friends” on NBC).

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