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15 Shows to Watch After "Legion"

"Legion" may be over, but we've got more shows to fill the void. FX

Legion wasn’t the only trippy, half superhero half sci-fi show out there, and it certainly won’t be the last. We had to say goodbye to David this past week, bringing an end to the journey inside and outside his mind. Thankfully, that’s not the only Marvel (or even Marvel-adjacent) show on the air right now, and if you’re looking for what to watch next, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for another comic book adaptation, or simply just a book adaptation, there are plenty of exciting and thrilling shows out there to binge, that will take you into space, the future, and even beyond. Now that Legion is over, here’s what you should watch next!

15. Castle Rock

Based on the work of Stephen King, you’ll find all sorts of homages to his work in this psychological horror anthology series on Hulu.

14. Star Trek: Discovery

We’re bolding going where the Star Trek universe has never gone before with Discover, which is set a decade years before the original series.

13. Marvel's Runaways

What would you do if you learned your parents were part of an evil secret society? Probably runaway, just like the kids in Runaways (and their dinosaur, Old Lace).

12. The Expanse

The sprawling space saga takes place hundreds of years in the future as a huge intergalactic conspiracy begins to unravel between Earth, Mars, and the rest of the solar system.

11. American Gods

It’s a battle of the Old Gods vs. the New Gods in the series based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name.

10. Into the Badlands

Set 500 years after a war that left civilization in ruins, a group of survivors must work together to survive without the use of guns.

9. The Terror

The horror anthology series is deeply rooted in real-life events (which makes it even scarier!).

8. Good Omens

Heaven and hell mush combine forces and work together to stop the impending apocalypse.

7. The Gifted 

In an alternate X-Men timeline, after a family discovers that their children have mutant abilities they set off on the run to keep them safe. 

6. The Orville

Come aboard the USS Orville as the misfit crew embarks on an exploratory journey through space.

5. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

Tandy and Tyrone have a shared connection in more ways than one and learn that their powers are stronger when they’re together.

4. Preacher

After a crisis of faith leaves Jesse with powers he sets out on a quest with his girlfriend and a vampire to find God.

3. The Boys

The Amazon Prime series takes a satirical look on what would happen if superheroes were actually the bad guys.

2. Krypton

200 years before the birth of Superman, follow the journeys of his grandfather, Seg-El.

1. Doom Patrol

After their mentor Dr. Niles Caulder — aka The Chief — goes missing, the Doom Patrol is called in to help find him. 

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