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20 Shows To Watch During Outlander's Latest Droughtlander

While "Outlander" is away, new shows come in to play! Starz

[Spoilers below for Outlander's Season 4 finale, "Man of Worth."]

So you just finished watching Outlander's Season 4 finale. Claire and Jamie made it back safely to River Run. Roger *finally* reunited with Brianna. He accepted her newborn baby as his son (even though there's no way of knowing if he's the father). Young Ian is now a member of the Mohawk tribe. And Jamie has been ordered by the king to hunt down and kill his own godfather Murtagh. How are we supposed to wait at least a year for new episodes to find out what happens next?!

While this Droughtlander may be a tough pill to swallow as we anxiously await news on when Outlander Season 5 will premiere, there's a way to make the days/months pass by quicker. Thankfully there are a ton of time-traveling epics, period dramas and delicious international fare that we can all binge watch right now!

So if you just finished watching Outlander and need another show to binge, scroll through to see 20 other shows TV Time fans obsess over that have some similarities to the Starz series. You can thank us later!

20. 12 Monkeys - Syfy

If you love time travel, you'll love this addictive drama. 

19. Taboo - BBC One

Tom Hardy period drama? Yes please!

18. The Crown - Netflix

Before we could obsess over the Royal Family on social media, we had to rely on history. Watch all the drama unfold like never before with this buzzy Netflix drama!

17. The Fall - BBC 2

This psychological thriller stars a Brit and a Scot, just like Outlander. What more could you want?

16. Marco Polo - Netflix

This epic adventure spans the globe with amazing performances all around. And it's an easy Netflix binge!

15. The Night Manager - BBC One

If dramas based on books are your thing, this dark crime thriller is based on John le Carre's novel of the same name. Plus, Tom Hiddleston's accent!

14. Defiance - Syfy

This sci-fi series doesn't time travel but it does imagine our present as a post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

13. Emerald City - NBC

This twist on a classic fairytale is the fantasy thrill you've been craving.

12. Penny Dreadful - Showtime

Another twist on classic characters is this reimagining of literary characters like Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Gray.

11. Killjoys - Syfy

This space-traveling sci-fi drama is another action-adventure that will quench your Outlander thirst!

10. Salem - WGN

This period drama gets just as dark as Outlander ... and maybe even darker.

9. Masters of Sex - Showtime

If you're into the historical accuracy of Outlander, then this period drama is for you: it's based on real people and the history of the sexual revolution. 

8. Downton Abbey - ITV

One of the most famous British period dramas ever. Why haven't you watched it yet?!

7. Black Sails - Starz

A period drama on the high seas? Arrr yes!

6. Godless - Netflix

Go back to the wild wild west with this easy and addictive Netflix series. 

5. The Alienist - TNT

Here's another period drama adaptation of a book, this time a psychological thriller set amidst the vast wealth, extreme poverty and technological innovation of 1896 New York. 

4. The Last Kingdom - Netflix

Hot dudes set in the viking times? We're so in.

3. The Tudors - Showtime

King Henry VIII's life was so damn scandalous, so why not focus an entire series on it?

2. Victoria - PBS

Another royal period drama, this time about a young Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It's only eight episodes, so give this one a shot!

1. Poldark - BBC One

But the No. 1 show to watch now that you've finished Outlander Season 4 is Poldark! It stars an Irish shirtless dude who has a lot of sex on the show, so it will fill that Jamie-sized hole in your heart. You are so welcome!

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