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In Memoriam: Top Shows We Lost in 2020

CBC / Pop TV

Losing a favorite show is never easy, and several beloved series came to an end in 2020. We bid ‘farewell’ to those we’ve known for years, and some were taken away far too soon… How dare Netflix give G.L.O.W. a final season, then change their mind! We won’t forget! …Anyway, before we fall in love with new shows in the new year, let’s pour one out for the top shows we lost in 2020.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.]

15. Schitt’s Creek


This happy ending was “simply the best.” David’s heartwarming wedding brought tears and laughter on the Rose family’s last day together in Schitt’s Creek.

14. Homeland


The many twists and double-crosses of Homeland ended with a time jump forward two years as Carrie and Yevgeny celebrate Carrie’s book, Tyranny of Secrets, in Russia… and Saul gains a new Russian asset. ;)

13. Blindspot


Jane was exposed to a large amount of ZIP in the 100th and final episode of Blindspot, allowing an abundance of character cameos, and also delivering an ending that still keeps fans guessing.

12. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Fans were pleased by August’s two-part finale as the S.H.I.E.L.D. got their happily-ever-afters.

11. BoJack Horseman


It was “Nice While It Lasted.” The animated series ended with a realistic finale as BoJack gets furloughed from prison to attend Princess Carolyn’s wedding, having mini-reunions with his former friends that have moved on with their lives.

10. Arrow

The CW

The leader of the “Arrowverse'' came to an end with January’s emotional finale, closing with a memorial for Oliver, the future of the Green Arrow legacy, and a reunion between Felicity and Oliver in the afterlife.

9. Cable Girls


The second half of its fifth and final season ended as “the cable girls gave their lives to make a better world.”

8. Criminal Minds


The CBS procedural closed its fifteenth season with a two-hour series finale, ending on a nicer note as the team came together to celebrate Rossi’s retirement.

7. The Good Place


“Whenever You’re Ready” was a sweet send off for The Good Place as each character found purpose, or gained fulfillment to walk through the last door.

6. Supernatural

The CW

It's been one hell of a ride for Supernatural. After fifteen seasons, the series ended with a heartbreaking scene as Sam and Dean fight against a group of vampires, and a final bittersweet moment that left fans sobbing.

5. 13 Reasons Why


The fourth and final season of 13 Reasons Why brought up more buried secrets as the group inched towards graduation day, as well as more tears as we lost yet another character.

4. Dark


It’s hard to put a cap on a time-travel tale! The end of Season 3 left fans with a few questions as Jonas and Martha go into the original universe to complete their final mission, making a heart-wrenching sacrifice.

3. How to Get Away with Murder


HTGAWM went out with a bang… Tragedy struck after Annalise’s acquittal, leaving two dead in crossfire outside the courthouse. Meanwhile, fans finally learned the details around Annalise’s funeral.

2. The 100

The CW

Six years and seven seasons later, The 100 concluded with a happy ending as all the humans who were able to transcend chose to live out their lives with Clarke – and without war.

1. Modern Family


After eleven seasons, April marked the end of Modern Family. However, the sitcom lives on as it has become a Binge Report staple in 2020!

But wait – there’s more! The Rain and Trinkets wrapped... Altered Carbon got the boot… and the list goes on. Which series are you going to miss the most?!

*”In Memoriam: Top Shows We Lost in 2020” is based on episodes tracked in TV Time from 1/1/20-12/1/20. This list includes series that have ended or were cancelled in 2020, and does not include series in their current/upcoming final seasons.