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Top 10 Memorable Moments From "Stranger Things"

"Stranger Things" is one wild ride! Can you handle another season? Netflix

It’s time to head back to Hawkins, Indiana and revisit all our friends… and whatever monsters might be lurking in the shadows. Stranger Things is almost back for Season 3 on Netflix, and it’s certainly going to be a summer to remember as something is once again causing havoc for all the residents in town. Did you think the gateway into the Upside Down was actually closed for good? Think again.

Season 3 is certainly going to provide us with dozens of major OMG moments throughout the eight brand new episodes. As we've already seen in the trailers for Season 3, those moments will include Eleven and Mike kissing (!), Steve and Dustin hanging out as best friends (!!), and Hopper just being Hopper (!!!). If you don’t have time to revisit every single episode of the first two seasons before you dive into the new one, let’s take a look back at some of the best things we’ve already seen on screen. Scroll through to find the top 10 most meme'd moments from TV Time users!

10. Will's In Trouble Again - S2E3, "Chapter Three: The Pollywog"

Bob Newby tries to give Will advice, and it completely backfires. While Will is screaming “go away” at the Mind Flayer, the opposite happens. The beast completely attaches itself to Will, and now what? You tried, Bob Newby, and you're still a hero to us! 

9. Jonathan and Nancy Finally Get Together - S2E6  "Chapter Six: The Spy"

We've got a new favorite couple: Nancy and Jonathan. Trying to track down a lead, these two grow closer together, and it's only a matter of time until they stop their will-they-won't-they moments. They also confirm their relationship in the weirdest of places: at Murray Bauman’s house. 

8. Will's Not Okay - S2E5 "Chapter Five: Dig Dug"

Will’s always going to be the most affected by everything in Hawkins thanks to his extended time in the Upside Down. But no one knows just how bad it is until it’s revealed Will is connected to the Mind Flayer. While digging around in the Upside Down, Will starts having convulsions above ground as everyone learns the monster is actually inside of him. 

7. Mike and Eleven's First Kiss - S1E8 "Chapter Eight: The Upside Down"

After fumbling over his words trying to ask Eleven to the upcoming Snow Ball, Mike leans in for a kiss. Their first kiss! For a few, brief seconds everything was perfectly fine. Then they went off to go fight the Demogorgon.

6. The Mind Flayer - S2E9 "Chapter Nine: The Gate"

Things might appear to be back to normal in Hawkins, but that’s far from the case. While everyone is inside enjoying their time at the Snow Ball, the Mind Flayer is busy making other plans in the Upside Down. 

5. Nancy and Steve Have One Nice Holiday - S1E8 "Chapter Eight: The Upside Down"

Remember when Steve and Nancy were the best thing in Hawkins? Those were simpler times, and it’s crazy to imagine these two together in the first place. At least they had once nice Christmas together before everything completely fell apart. But Steve should have known something was up with their relationship after the two give Jonathan a new camera for Christmas. 

4. Dart Grows Up - S2E4 "Chapter Four: Will the Wise"

D'Artagnan, aka Dart, used to be so cute and little. Then he had to go and eat the Henderson’s cat, Mews. We’ll never forget you, Mews. We’ll also never forget you, Dart. 

3. Group Hug - S1E6 "Chapter Six: The Monster"

In the words of Dustin, "She's our friend and she's crazy." After Eleven saves Mike from falling off a cliff, the three share a big group hug, realizing they're safe — for now. It’s also maybe one of the best group hugs in the history of television. 

2. Mike and Eleven kiss for real - "Chapter Nine: The Gate"

There might not be snow in the air, but there’s certainly young love in the air. Finally, after what feels like forever, Mike and Eleven share a first kiss out on the dance floor during the Snow Ball. It's not actually their first kiss, but it feels like their first real kiss. 

1. Eleven Returns - "Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer" 

Considering how close they are, it’s crazy to think that Mike and Eleven spend just about all of Season 2 apart from one another. She finally returns at the very end of the season (after her own adventures elsewhere trying to find her mom), and while everyone at the Byer’s house is happy to see Eleven — considering she'll now help them battle the monsters — Mike is really happy to see her. 

Have a favorite ST moment? Share yours in the comments below! 

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