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The Road So Far: Top Meme'd Moments From "Supernatural"

We're not ready to say 'goodbye'! The CW

Grab the salt and hit the road -- the final season of Supernatural has arrived! In honor of the series' fifteenth season, we’ve used our data to collect the top meme'd moments from Season 1 all the way through Season 14! Let’s take a look back, and try not to sob uncontrollably over the show that has become a second family for so many of its fans. Settle in and get ready to be overcome by nostalgia as you relive some of TV Time users' favorite moments with the boys. And whatever you do, don’t forget the pie! 

Season 1, Episode 17: “Hell House”

This episode was one of many fun, side adventures that featured the boys pranking each other constantly, and we love to watch those endearing shenanigans. They’re a good respite from the apocalyptic drama and, clearly, so is shirtless Sam. 

Season 2, Episode 17: “Heart”

As much as we love the lighthearted moments in the show, the heart-wrenching drama is what keeps us coming back. The brothers meet Madison, a werewolf who begs to be put down so that she can’t hurt anyone else. Sam complies while Dean waits in the other room listening for the gunshot. He sheds a single tear for Madison, as well as his brother’s broken heart.

Season 3, Episode 3: “Bad Day at Black Rock”

This moment was, and I cannot stress this enough, ICONIC. This screenshot is the moment we all know as “I lost my shoe”. Sam faces a streak of deadly bad luck after a cursed rabbit’s foot is stolen from him before they can destroy it. His precious puppy-eyed look of disappointment was instantly seared into the collective memory of every single Supernatural fan.