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Top 20 Most Binged Comedies This Year (So Far ... )

Get ready for laughs! NBC

We're almost half-way done with 2019, and let's be honest, it hasn't exactly been a great year for the world. And when things are bleak, there's nothing like a great TV comedy to bring your spirits up! 

We've been turning to some comedy classics for escapism this year, but if you're looking to cheer yourself up with a binge, what should you watch? Check out the top 20 most watched comedies this year beginning in January up to now, according to TV Time users, to get some inspiration for your next binge-watch. 

20. The Goldbergs

Take it back to the '80s with this wholesome and nostalgic family comedy that's full of so much love, you'll think it was your own family!

19. Friends from College 

While this Netflix comedy was canceled this year, it still makes for a great binge as you love to hate all the horrible things these "friends" have done to each other for decades. 

18. Future Man

This sci-fi, dystopian action thriller brilliantly skewers all the tropes you usually see in that genre, making it the perfect comedy/action hybrid.

17. Arrested Development 

Sure, the later seasons didn't keep up the previous standards, but the first three seasons about this dysfunctional family are still comedy gold. 

16. Fuller House

It's like the exact opposite of Arrested Development but just as bingeable!

15. Modern Family

This show holds the record for the most Emmys a comedy has ever won, which tells you something: this is one of the best comedies of all time. 

14. Jane the Virgin 

This groundbreaking telenovela comedy is ending this year, which makes it the perfect time to go back and rewatch the series from the start. 

13. Russian Doll

This existential, high-concept dark comedy is the modern retelling of Groundhog Day. It's also the most New York show ever.

12. Bob’s Burgers

If animation's your jam, this adult comedy about yet another dysfunctional family is the perfect pick.

11. Good Girls

More like a dramedy than a comedy, this NBC series is newer but worth your attention as three women break out of their assumed stereotypes to take control of their lives. Chaos ensues. 

10. On My Block

This Netflix series about Latinx teenagers is taking the internet by storm!

9. Sex Education

This is not the sex education you got in high school, let's just say that. 

8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

Another instant classic that ended this year, this Netflix comedy did the impossible: remained optimistic and wholesome while being incredibly realistic and sardonic.

7. Superstore

Like The Office, but set in a Walmart-like atmosphere. This is one of the best shows that you're not watching!

6. The Good Place

If you're not already watching The Good Place, now is a great time to start. And if you are watching, now is the perfect time to binge it again from the beginning before the new season begins!

5. Schitt's Creek

Another underrated gem is this brilliant comedy from Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy. It's so much more than its premise about a rich family forced to live without money in a small town. Just start watching and you'll understand why it's so high on this list! 

4. The Big Bang Theory 

This long-running comedy ended this week with its series finale, so why not go back to the start and watch it all over again?

3. Grace and Frankie

With two legends like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, you just know this is going to be one for the ages!

2. Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix made a mistake in canceling this Drew Barrymore hit, but at least we've got a few seasons to binge watch no matter what!

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

But the No. 1 most binged comedy this year (so far) is Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Thankfully NBC saved it from cancelation so we know it's not going anywhere soon. Nine-Nine!

*The "Top 20 Most Binged Comedies This Year" is based on U.S. TV Time users from 1/1/19-5/15/19.

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