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Top Amazon Prime Video Characters Of 2019 (So Far)

We're going to trust these two with saving the world. Amazon Prime Video

The best thing about Amazon is that it often combines two of our favorite things together: Shopping and binge-watching television. When you’re done adding a dozen or so things to your cart, you can navigate on over to Prime Video and start streaming literally thousands of different shows and movies all with a few clicks of a button. Their catalog of titles is extensive, and there’s literally something for everyone and every member of the family to watch at their leisure.

But not only does Prime Video have a ton of things we already love, but it’s also creating brand new shows for us to obsessively wait for and then immediately watch once they drop. Whether you like action and adventure, or travels through outer space, or even stand up comedy Prime Video has you covered — including if you want to watch a series about the coming apocalypse!

If you’re looking for something new to watch, or want to see where your favorite characters landed on the list, here are the top Amazon Prime Video characters in 2019 (so far) according to TV Time users!

 20. Steven Strait “James Holden” The Expanse

Jim originally joined the Navy, but now he’s the captain of the Rocinante during its adventures through space and beyond.

19. Joel Kinnaman “Erik” Hanna

He might not be her real “dad,” but Erik’s the best father figure Hanna could have asked for (he taught her to survive, after all).

18. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa “Nobusuki Tagomi” The Man in the High Castle

In the new, alternative (and worse) Earth reality, Tagomi is the Trade Minister of the Pacific States of America, but who is he really aligned with?

17. Cara Delevingne “Vignette Stonemoss” Carnival Row

Vignette is a fae who joins up with the Black Raven, a rogue group of fairies, and has to deal with the fact that her long-lost boyfriend is not actually dead.

16. Titus Welliver “Harry Bosch” Bosch

Based on the novels by Michael Connelly, follow Bosch as he tries to keep Los Angeles safe.

15. Simon Pegg “Hugh Campbell Sr.” The Boys

Pegg is the perfect person to play Hughie’s dad because the original comic character was actually based off of him.

14. Rufus Sewell “John Smith” The Man in the High Castle

In an alternate world, John Smith is the oberstgruppenführer, but he might be willing to switch allegiances by the end of the war.

13. John Krasinski “Jack Ryan” Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

After leaving his desk job behind, Jack Ryan finds himself on a mission to save the world.

12. Julia Roberts “Heidi Bergman” Homecoming

Roberts is a tour-de-force as Heidi as she tries to figure out just what the heck happened at her former job — and what she might still be trying to cover up.

11. Orlando Bloom “Rycroft Philostrate” Carnival Row

He faked his death seven years ago, but now Philo is back trying to solve the fae murders in Carnival Row.

10. Giovanni Ribisi “Marius Josipvoci/Pete Murphy” Sneaky Pete

The past always catches up with you, which is something “Pete” learns the hard way after he assumes the identity of his cellmate after being released from prison.

9. Jack Quaid “Hughie Campbell” The Boys

Hughie might not have any superpowers himself but he’s still perfectly capable of holding his own in a fight.

8. Alexa Davalos “Juliana Crain” The Man in the High Castle

In Juliana we trust!

7. Karl Urban “Billy Butcher” The Boys

He’s got some unconventional ways to get the job done and you don’t want The Butcher on your bad side.

6. Jeremy Clarkson as himself, The Grand Tour

Nope, he’s not playing any sort of character but even as himself IRL Jeremy is completely over the top and sometimes off the road on The Grand Tour.

5. Esme Creed-Miles “Hanna” Hanna

Hannah is just your typical teenager who likes junk food and also knows how to survive in the wilderness on her own and also dodge the CIA.

4. Michael Sheen “Aziraphale” Good Omens

Someone’s got to be the good guy during the apocalypse, and that falls on Aziraphale’s shoulders.

3. Erin Moriarty “Annie January/Starlight” The Boys

As the only “real” superhero fighting with The Seven, Starlight has a lot of different messes to clean up.

2. Rachel Brosnahan “Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel” The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

You either want to be Midge, or you want to be best friends with Midge (sorry, Susie!).

1. David Tennant “Crowley” Good Omens

Yes, he’s a demon, but Tennant makes being bad look so good as he tries to avert the apocalypse. 

*The "Top Amazon Prime Video Characters of 2019 (So Far)" is based on character votes in TV Time from 1/1/19-9/10/19.

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