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Top "Beverly Hills, 90210" Characters

We're going back to 90210! FOX

If you’ve missed seeing your friends from the most identifiable zip code in America, we’ve got some good news for you. Though it went off the air in 2000, Beverly Hills, 90210 is back with a brand new twist. The new show’s not necessarily a revival, and it’s not a reboot, but all the main cast members are returning...and now they’re playing themselves, not their original characters.  

The new show, BH90210, will follow a handful of original cast members reuniting to try and get a revival of the OG series off the ground. Yes, while it's about the real actors, they're actually heightened versions of themselves and completely over the top. 19 years after the show wrapped they’re back together to try and get a reboot up and running and must reconcile their new lives with the complications of their past lives together. That sounds like the perfect recipe for drama — considering how much real-life drama went on behind the scenes during the show’s original run between 1990 and 2000? Yes!

Before we dive into what everyone’s up to now, it’s time to look back at our favorites from the original series. Here are the top Beverly Hills, 90210 characters as voted by TV Time users!

15. James Eckhouse, "Jim Walsh"

Brandon and Brenda’s dad has a strong sense of morality and also served as Dylan’s trust fund advisor after his own dad’s death.

14. Vanessa Marcil, "Gina Kincaid"

Gina is introduced as Donna’s cousin, but it later turns out they’re sisters. She also had a rocky relationship with Dylan and the two almost left 90210 together. 

13. Kathleen Robertson, "Clare Arnold"

Though Clare was a year younger than everyone else, she later became Kelly and Donna's roommate and even dated Steve and David!

12. Vincent Young, "Noah Hunter"

After meeting in Hawaii, Noah and Donna start dating and he later bought out the Peach Pit After Dark.

11. Joe E. Tata, "Nat Bussichio"

As the owner of the Peach Pit, Nat is more than just a boss to many on the show and even walked Donna down the aisle for her wedding.

10. Carol Potter, "Cindy Walsh"

Brandon and Brenda’s mom always kept an extra seat (or two) at the table for any of their friends who might come around and need help.

9. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, "Valerie Malone"

A family friend from back home in Minnesota, Valerie comes to live with the Walshes for the second half of the series (and replaced Brenda as one of 90210’s leading ladies).

8. Gabrielle Carteris, "Andrea Zuckerman"

The resident smart kid of the group who winds up being valedictorian. She also has a baby during Season 4 and leaves 90210 at the end of Season 5. 

7. Tori Spelling, "Donna Martin"

Donna isn’t going to let any learning disability keep her down, because "Donna Martin graduates!"

6. Brian Austin Green, "David Silver"

David always wanted to be part of the cool group, and later becomes actually part of the family when his dad marries Kelly's mom, and she becomes his step-sister.

5. Ian Ziering, "Steve Sanders"

Brandon’s light-hearted best friend who went from planning wild schemes to starting his own newspaper, Beverly Beat.

4. Luke Perry, "Dylan McKay"

Originally a loaner, Dylan quickly finally found his place with the rest of “the gang” (and our hearts). Between daddy-issues, substance abuse, and the Kelly/Brenda love triangle, Mr. McKay always brought the drama.

3. Jennie Garth, "Kelly Taylor"

Though she started off spoiled and only concerned with material possessions, viewers quickly learned Kelly had been through more than anyone realized and became a fully-formed character.

2. Jason Priestly, "Brandon Walsh"

Did you have a crush on Brandon? Do you still have a crush on Brandon? It’s okay because it’s the glue that keeps everything in 90210 together and the person the gang always turns to for help and support no matter what’s happening in their life.

1. Shannen Doherty, "Brenda Walsh"

Fierce and driven, Brenda led the show for the first four seasons before abruptly leaving at the end of Season 4 for London and the "Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts." But even though she was no longer on the show, her presence was felt throughout the rest of the six seasons, cementing her as the top character to ever grace the zipcode.

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