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Celebrate Your Birthday With TV Birthday Episodes

Celebrate your special day with very special episodes! NBC

They say it's your birthday ...🎶 and that may mean you want to celebrate your big day with others. And where better to find kindred spirits than TV, which has immortalized birthdays for decades with some very special episodes. So on your special day, please enjoy these favorite birthday episodes 🎉

"Surprise" Buffy the Vampire Slayer -  (S2,E13)

The WB

Your 17th birthday is one you'll always remember and that was certainly the case for Buffy Summers. With dreams plaguing Buffy of Angel's death and the Scooby squad planning a surprise for their favorite vampire hunter, Buffy and Angel are pulled into a plot by Spike, Drusilla, and the Judge to kill the slayer. In the aftermath, Angel tells Buffy he loves her and they (presumably ... this was The WB folks) consummate their relationship, which as fans know is one of the major turning points of the series.

"Critical Film Studies" Community (S2, E19)


Community was made iconic due to their classic spoof episodes, which was underscored by the episode "Critical Film Studies." Who can forget when Jeff threw a surprise Pulp Fiction-themed party. The party is seemingly ruined for the gang when Abed tells them he's done with pop culture, but obviously, this was far from the case.

"Michael's Birthday" The Office (S2, E19)


No one at Dunder Mifflin cares about Michael's birthday when the entire office is waiting to hear Kevin's skin cancer results.  All the worry and attention around Kevin "ruins" Michael's birthday fun, so Michael announces a mandatory ice skating party where hilarity ensues.

"The Agony and the Ex-tacy" Sex and the City (S4, E1)


Everyone has a birthday they wish they could forget and Carrie Bradshaw's 35th was certainly that. Following a discussion regarding male "soulmates" Carrie's friends fail to show up to celebrate her big night. Carrie is despondent until Charlotte gets the bright idea that they could be each other's "soulmates" come rain or come shine. 

"Stark Raving Dad" The Simpsons (S3, E1)


With Homer getting committed to a mental institution, Marge trying to get him out, and Bart's antics - everyone forgets about Lisa's 8th birthday. Luckily, Homer brings his hospital roommate, "Michael Jackson" home to Springfield, who collaborates with Bart for the best birthday gift ever. 

"Birthday" New Girl (S3, E13)


Jess normally spends her big day alone at the movies, but this year Nick tries to plan the perfect birthday for her. Everyone tries to distract her from all possible party ideas until the big surprise ... 

"My Day at the Races" Scrubs (S5, E3)


Always eager to impress Dr. Cox and stretch his legs, J.D. agrees to participate in a triathlon alongside Doug and Ted without any preparation whatsoever. As the day progresses, J.D.'s friends reach out to him along the way with their own personal problems. Finally, as J.D. crosses the finish line, Elliot convinces him to take their relationship to the next level for what will be one of the umpteenth times.

"The One Where They All Turn Thirty" Friends (S7, E14)


Everyone remembers the episode when Rachel turned 30 right? The gang spends the day flashing back to their own terrible 30th birthday parties and a sad Phoebe realizes that she's actually 31.

"Eagleton" Parks and Recreation (S3, E12)


While Leslie Knope deals with former best friend, Lindsay Carlisle Shay, and Pawnee's rival-town of Eagleton, Ron Swanson is worried about the big birthday plans Leslie has up her sleeve. His colleagues make him panic over potential party nightmares, but of course, Leslie has the perfect gift in store. 

"The Last Supper" Broad City (S1, E10)

Comedy Central

Ilana is always willing to go the extra mile for her best friend, Abbi, and even puts her health at risk in this classic Broad City episode. By pushing her shellfish allergies to the limit for a perfect, grown-up birthday dinner,  Abbi must save Ilana while at the same time, come to terms with being a 26-year-old "nasty bitch."

Did we miss some? Shout out your favorite birthday episodes in the comments and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

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