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Top Characters of November 2020


The fall television season kicked into high gear in November. The Queen’s Gambit craze, new episodes of The Mandalorian and The Crown, and the return of several network shows kept us entertained. Before we get lost in December shows, let’s look at the top characters of November 2020 in TV Time!

The late October release of The Queen’s Gambit took everyone by surprise! The miniseries gained tons of praise over the past several weeks, making Beth Harmon our November champion.

Anya Taylor-Joy (Beth Harmon)

Meanwhile, beloved characters from The Mandalorian continued to climb in its second season.

Pedro Pascal (Din Djarin/The Mandalorian), (Grogu/The Child)

Season 4 of The Crown ignited – or rekindled – everyone's obsession with Princess Diana...

Emma Corrin (Princess Diana/Lady Diana Spencer), Olivia Colman (Queen Elizabeth II), Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II/Princess Elizabeth), Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret)

However, no matter what season they’re on (17!), Meredith Grey will always be a fan favorite.

Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey)

Supernatural came to an end in November, bringing both Winchester brothers into the top 30.

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester)

And as we approached December, new series Dash & Lily brought holiday cheer!

Midori Frances (Lily), Austin Abrams (Dash)

Want to see all thirty characters? Check the November ranking list below!

  1. Anya Taylor-Joy “Beth Harmon” The Queen’s Gambit
  2. Pedro Pascal “Din Djarin/The Mandalorian” The Mandalorian
  3. Emma Corrin “Princess Diana/Lady Diana Spencer” The Crown
  4. Ellen Pompeo “Meredith Grey” Grey’s Anatomy
  5. Jensen Ackles “Dean Winchester” Supernatural
  6. Olivia Colman “Queen Elizabeth II” The Crown
  7. Lily Collins "Emily Cooper" Emily in Paris
  8. Viola Davis “Annalise Keating” How to Get Away with Murder
  9. Midori Francis “Lily” Dash & Lily
  10. Tom Ellis "Lucifer Morningstar" Lucifer
  11. Claire Foy “Queen Elizabeth II/Princess Elizabeth” The Crown
  12. Steve Carell "Michael Scott" The Office
  13. Andy Samberg "Jake Peralta" Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  14. Austin Abrams “Dash” Dash & Lily
  15. Mayumi Tanaka “Monkey D. Luffy” One Piece
  16. Junko Takeuchi “Naruto Uzumaki” Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
  17. “Grogu/The Child” The Mandalorian
  18. Ian Somerhalder “Damon Salvatore” The Vampire Diaries
  19. Ty Burrell “Phil Dunphy” Modern Family
  20. Freddie Highmore “Dr. Shaun Murphy” The Good Doctor
  21. John Krasinski “Jim Halpert” The Office
  22. Helena Bonham Carter “Princess Margaret” The Crown
  23. Matthew Perry “Chandler Bing” Friends
  24. Justin Hartley “Kevin Pearson” This Is Us
  25. Neil Patrick Harris “Barney Stinson” How I Met Your Mother
  26. Yuuki Kaji “Kenma Kozume” Haikyuu!!
  27. Rainn Wilson “Dwight Schrute” The Office
  28. Matt LeBlanc “Joey Tribbiani” Friends
  29. Cillian Murphy “Thomas Shelby” Peaky Blinders
  30. Jared Padalecki “Sam Winchester” Supernatural
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