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All The Shows We've Been Watching This Winter Instead Of Freezing Outside


This winter has been brutal. Absolutely brutal! If you live anywhere were snow and ice are a normal occurrence during the winter months, then you've been shivering more so than usual this winter. And even if you like winter, we can all agree that staying in, snuggled up on the couch in sweatpants with soft fuzzy blankets with a good binge-watch is much more comfortable than braving the frozen tundra outside. Thankfully there's been so much good TV to watch to keep us entertained!

Whether it's a classic comedy available to stream or a new addictive drama airing weekly, TV Time users around the globe have been watching a lot of TV this winter. Beginning from the official first day of winter on Dec. 21 2018 through today, scroll through to see the top 20 most watched shows so far. 

20. The Flash

If only we could run as fast as Barry Allen, then we'd never be bothered by frigid winter weather. 

19. Outlander

Claire and Jamie's romance has definitely helped heat up these chilly temperatures.

18. One Piece

This Japanese manga series has so many episodes you can be entertained for multiple winters.

17. How to Get Away with Murder

Whether you want to binge watch earlier seasons or keep up with the recent drama, Viola Davis never disappoints. 

16. A Series of Unfortunate Events

No matter how cold you may feel, you'll never be worse off than these poor orphans. 

15. Titans

As if you didn't have enough options for binge-watching, DC Comics released its first drama on its own new streaming service.

14. Lucifer

It doesn't get any hotter than hell, especially with a devil this good-looking!

13. How I Met Your Mother

Warm up with a good laugh at all the long-running gags and slap bets from this classic comedy.

12. Dynasty

And speaking of slaps, there's no other show that can do dramatic slaps like this high class drama.

11. Marvel's The Punisher

Netflix just dropped the second season this month, so get to binge-watching!

10. The Good Place

The real Good Place is probably never freezing or snowy.

9. The Big Bang Theory

Binge-watching this long-running comedy will keep you occupied for the entire winter season.

8. Gossip Girl

See all of high society NYC from the comfort of your own couch with this binge-watch.

7. Grey's Anatomy

Whether you're a McDreamy or McSteamy or McVet fan, there's something for everyone with this iconic medical drama.

6. Vikings

Now this is a perfect show to watch in winter. All those furs will definitely keep you warm!

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Thanks to NBC saving this gem from cancelation, we'll have new episodes to last us all winter!

4. Riverdale

Murder mysteries, hot romances and even a musical episode?! What more could you want?

3. Sex Education

This new Netflix series came out of nowhere and is easily the best show of 2019.

2. Friends

Don't have time to get into a new series? There's always 10 seasons to revisit of this classic!

1. You 

But the show TV Time users couldn't get enough of this winter is You, the Lifetime-turned-Netflix addictive drama that is like Gossip Girl on murderous steroids. 

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