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Top Netflix Characters of 2020

Where does Ms. Spellman fall on our list? Netflix

With so many Netflix releases this year, how do we even begin to pick a favorite character?! Luckily, TV Time users have been busy racking up votes for their top picks. Want to see who made the top characters list of 2020? Scroll below! [Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk!]

15. “Dani Clayton” - Victoria Pedretti

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Fans loved Victoria Pedretti in Season 2 of You at the start of 2020, however, The Haunting of Bly Manor brought her to the forefront as the “perfectly splendid” governess of Bly Manor.

14. “BoJack Horseman” - Will Arnett

BoJack Horseman 

No character delivers a monologue better than BoJack… BoJack Horseman came to a close in January, giving us one last look into BoJack’s life.

13. “Geralt of Rivia” - Henry Cavill

The Witcher

The Witcher debuted near the end of 2019, but its star continued to thrive at the beginning of 2020.

12. “Lu Montesinos” - Danna Paola


A terrible person you can’t help but love! Elite’s Lu received protection from her friends after she stabbed Polo, and received a lot of votes from show fans in Season 3.

11. “Number Five” - Aidan Gallagher

The Umbrella Academy

Once again, Number Five was tasked with getting his family back together and saving the entire world from an impending apocalypse in The Umbrella Academy’s second season.

10. “Emily Cooper” - Lily Collins

Emily in Paris

Whether you love her or love to hate her, Emily used her American charm to make her mark on Paris and viewers this fall.

9. “Klaus Hargreeves” - Robert Sheehan

The Umbrella Academy

After being transported back to the ‘60s, Klaus amasses a large cult following in Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy — and similarly, a large number of votes from his fans.

8. “Justin Foley” - Brandon Flynn

13 Reasons Why

Not only did we bid “farewell” to 13 Reasons Why this year, we also had to say “goodbye” to Justin after he lost his battle to AIDS-related pneumonia.

7. “Nairobi” - Alba Flores

Money Heist

Another beloved character we lost in 2020! After nearly losing her life in Money Heist Part 3, Nairobi passed away in Part 4 from a shot in the chest by police after being lured out of the bank for a chance to see her son.

6. “Sabrina Spellman” - Kiernan Shipka

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Boss witch Sabrina Spellman flew her way into the top 10 after CAOS Part 3, making it hard to believe that the series got the boot this year! *Part 4 will be released on December 31st.

5. “Joe Goldberg/Will Bettelheim” - Penn Badgley


Everyone’s favorite creepy killer continued to win after 2019’s Season 2 release, following Joe’s cross-country move to Los Angeles with a new obsession in a new city.

4. “Maeve Wiley” - Emma Mackey

Sex Education

What’s not to love about Sex Education’s cool and complicated character? Season 2 gave Maeve an opportunity to turn her life around… as well as a chance to reveal her feelings for Otis.

3. “Jonas Kahnwald” - Louis Hofmann


Dark and Jonas were wiped from existence in June, but that didn’t stop the character votes from coming in!

2. “El Profesor” - Álvaro Morte

Fan-favorite Money Heist wouldn’t be the crime-drama that it is without the brains behind the operation, El Profesor.

1. “Lucifer Morningstar” - Tom Ellis


No surprise here – the new episodes of fan-favorite Lucifer has kept Lucifer himself at No. 1 since May!

*The “Top Netflix Characters of 2020” is based on character votes in TV Time from 1/1/20-11/2/20.

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