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2019's Top Talent Under 30

A girl can do many things. HBO

If you can believe it, many of our favorite television stars nowadays haven’t even hit the big 3-0 mark for their birthday. Yes, so many familiar faces on TV are still in their twenties (or younger), yet the depth and range they bring to their roles are astonishing — at such a young age, some of them even have Emmy award nominations!

While we certainly love the actors and actresses that have been around for years entertaining us, if we could be best friends with anyone on the list below we’d jump at the chance. While the year’s almost over, we’ve already gone ahead and rounded up our favorite TV stars under 30. Did your favorite (and favorite shows) make the list?

20. Debby Ryan

We’ve never seen a beauty queen quite like Patty before in Insatiable.

19. Elizabeth Lail

We’re still not over Beck’s terrifying love-life on You (and we’ll never forgive you for it, Joe!).

18. Zendaya

Rue’s problems became all of our problems on Euphoria, as we struggled right alongside of her to cope with her situations.

17. Aidan Gallagher

He might appear to be the youngest Hargreeves child on The Umbrella Academy, but in reality Number Five has live through way more stuff than all his other siblings.

16. Brandon Flynn

Justin is certainly battling a whole lot of demons on 13 Reasons Why, and we’re glad he’s found help along the way.

15. Ncuti Gatwa

Eric made us feel so many things as he came out and accepted himself on Sex Education.

14. Emma Mackey

While she might still be viewed as an outsider to some on Sex Education, Maeve is our favorite cool girl on the show.

13. Madelaine Petsch

Riverdale’s original mean girl has proven over the last few seasons that there’s way more to her than meets the eye.

12. Dylan O’Brien

O’Brien hasn’t had a major TV role since Teen Wolf, but yes, we’re still clearly in love with Stiles.

11. Dylan Minnette

It sure feels like sometimes Clay can’t catch a break on 13 Reasons Why, but he’s still trying his best.

10. Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity might have left Star City on Arrow for now, but she’s forever in our hearts.

9. Danielle Rose Russell

As the first vampire-werewolf-witch hybrid, Hope is a force to be reckoned with on Legacies.

8. Louis Hofmann

While Dark might be hard and trippy to follow, we’ll go wherever Jonas leads us.

7. Grant Gustin

As The Flash, Barry Allen proves that speed isn’t always the answer to every problem.

6. Asa Butterfield

Puberty was super weird, but at least it was never as weird as what poor Otis is going though on Sex Education.

5. Cole Spouse

Forever our Riverdale weirdo.

4. Kiernan Shipka

There’s a new Sabrina in town, and Satan’s no match for her nowadays.

3. Elizabeth Gillies

One stan one, spoiled (and working hard for it!) legend and her name is Fallon on Dynasties.

2. Millie Bobby Brown

As Eleven, MBB proves that there’s nothing stronger than friendship and love on Stranger Things.

1. Maisie Williams

On Game of Thrones, Arya looked death straight in the face repeatedly and said: “not today.” 

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