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The Top Thanksgiving Moments from "Friends"

They'll be there for you on Thanksgiving. NBC

Turkey and stuffing. Pumpkin and pie. Some things go together naturally, just like Friends and Thanksgiving episodes. For all nine seasons of the beloved NBC comedy, there was a Thanksgiving episode and honestly? They’re some of not only the best Friends episodes but also just some of the best television episodes, too.

The Friends Thanksgiving episodes were always events, as something BIG tended to happen in each episode, whether it revolved around Monica and Chandler’s relationship (awww), or Chandler being stuck in a box (which will forever be a classic) — and in just about every episode, Joey tries to eat too much Turkey.

As we gear up for the big gobble-gobble day, it’s time to take a look at the top moments from each Friends Thanksgiving episode. It’s hard to pick just one!

1. S1E9, “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”

Everything is accidentally burned which leaves the gang to eat whatever they can find in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. Eventually, everyone reconciles over grilled cheeses and Chandler is thankful that everyone’s Thanksgiving sucked. 

2. S3E9, “The One With the Football”

The one where they all play football gets a little out of hand as it’s quickly revealed that Monica is WAY too intense and WAY too into this sport — and also everything is cooking back at the apartment!

3. S4E8, “The One With Chandler In A Box”

Yes, Chandler’s in a box as punishment for kissing Joey’s girlfriend. And after spending Thanksgiving in a box, literally, the two reconcile and hug it out.

4. S5E8, “The One With All the Thanksgivings”

Who doesn’t love Monica dancing with the turkey on her head? While we all certainly do, Chandler loves it the most. He then tells her that he loves her for the first time!

5. S6E9, “The One Where Ross Got High”

Rachel makes a disgusting Thanksgiving dessert (but accidentally combing a meat recipe with it) and in order to not hurt her feelings, everyone tries to eat the cake. Except for Joey, who does actually likes it.

6. S7E8, “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”

The group plays a game where they try to name all 50 states and none of them can do it. Ross thinks he’s finally won and rewards himself with Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the night, but he’s accidentally got Nevada down twice.

7. S8E9, “The One with the Rumor”

Surprise, Brad Pitt is here! In a guest role on the show, he plays someone who hated Rachel when they were growing up and was even part of an "I Hate Rachel Green" club. This was only made funnier at the time because Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married.

8. S9E8, “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister”

Monica doesn’t want to use her nice china for Thanksgiving, even though Chandler keeps pressing it. Unsurprisingly, Monica wins. However, Monica then loses as her new husband knocks over the entire box of china breaking all of it.

9. S10E8, “The One with the Late Thanksgiving”

What was quickly turning into a crappy Thanksgiving for everyone is quickly fixed when Monica and Chandler learn that they’ve been selected to adopt a baby!

Which is your favorite Thanksgiving episode of Friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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