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The Most Tracked New Shows of Summer 2019

"Euphoria" made quite a splash over the summer tv season. HBO

While we spent plenty of time with some old favorites this summer (because a Friends re-watch will never go out of style), there were certainly a bunch of brand new shows that we were eager to sit down and check out. At one point Summer TV wasn’t considered as “good” or as “great,” but the times have certainly changed. Shows that come out during the summer are just as good, if not sometimes better than the upcoming slate of new Fall TV shows.

And summer shows are full of 100% more drama. That’s a fact.

As we prepare to say goodbye to the warm weather, that also means we’ve got to say goodbye to some of the new series we watched along the way. But don’t worry, it’s not like they’re going anywhere as you can watch them again and again well into the cold winter months. Take a look at the most tracked new series from TV Time users below, and see if your favorites made the cut! 

20. BH90210

Almost 20 years after the show initially went off the air, the kids of Beverly Hills are now all grown up and dealing with real-life problems — like trying to reboot the original show.

19. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Come for the prequel to one of Jim Henson’s most iconic works, stay for the unbelievable modern puppetry that Netflix has managed to pull off in Thra!

18. City on a Hill

Loosley based on the real-life “Boston Miracle,” Kevin Bacon tries to keep the city safe by altering the criminal justice system. 

17. Pennyworth

You might think you know Batman’s butler Alfred, but think again. This show is about his time before he comes to work at Wayne Manor and runs his own security company in 1960s London.

16. The Rook

Welcome to the British secret service, the Checquy, as an agent with supernatural abilities tries to figure out what’s going in London.

15. Pearson

We didn’t know we needed a Suits spinoff, but now we never want Jessica Pearson (who’s in Chicago) to leave.

14. Nos4A2

The show follows Vic, who discovers that she can track the mysterious and immortal, Charlie Manx, and stop him from feeding off the souls of children.

13. Family Reunion

What starts off as a typical family reunion turns into a long-term relocation as the whole McKellan decides to stay in Georgia.

12. Love Island (US)

Adapted from the UK version of the same name, it’s impossible not to get hooked on the drama-filled reality show.

11. The Last Czars

Imagine The Crown, but instead about the Romanov family in the early 1900s.

10. Carnival Row

The show is full of fairies, mystery, a little bit of murder, and a lot of Orlando Bloom. What's not to like? 

9. Love Alarm

Love Alarm is just that. The series is about a dating app that alerts users when someone in the nearby area has feelings for them. What could go wrong? 

8. Mr. Iglesias

Did you know that Gabriel Iglesias used to be a teacher? It’s true, and now he’s playing one again on TV.

7. Wu Assassins

After a San Francisco chef finds himself in the middle of a deadly pursuit for the ancient Wu Xing powers, he becomes the Wu Assassin to try and save the world.

6. Another Life

After aliens land on earth, a husband and wife are both sent on different missions to try to communicate and stop them.

5. Fire Force

Shinra has pyrokinetic abilities and can ignite his feet, and joins the Special Fire Force Company 8 where he tries to uncover the secrets behind his family’s death in a fire a decade earlier.

4. Family Business

The French series follows Joseph who decides to turn his family’s kosher butcher shop into France’s first marijuana coffeeshop.

3. Dr. Stone

After two students are literally petrified in stone for 3700 years they are eventually brought back to life and try to build a new civilization.

2. The Boys

What happens if superheroes were bad? That’s the big question of The Boys as we learn the good people are actually the bad guys.

1. Euphoria

The show might not be for the faint of heart, but if you can make it through the harrowingly real depictions of teenagers, it is phenomenal — and Zendaya deserves all the awards!

*The "Most Tracked New Shows of Summer 2019" is based on episodes tracked in TV Time from 6/21/19-9/4/19 -- including shows the debuted June-September 2019. 

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