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Express Yourself With New Emotions!

What is happening?

Starting with TV Time version 8.24, we’re expanding our list of emotions from 8 to 12!

Why are we doing this?

We want TV Time users to be able to express themselves more deeply through emotions.

What changed?

  • Reflective, Touched, Amused, Understood, Thrilled and Tense have been added.
  • Happy and Excited have been removed.

What happens to old votes?

Where there is overlap in the emotions set (Confused, Sad, Scared, Frustrated, Shocked, Bored), you will still see your old votes still reflected.

For emotions that no longer exist in the new emotions set (Happy or Excited), they would be removed from a previously voted on title.

For example, you voted both 'Happy' and 'Sad' for an episode in the past, once you are running 8.24, you would only see 'Sad' reflected.

Sooo ... What are the 12 emotions and what do they mean?

What these emotions mean is open to your interpretation, but if you need some guidance:

  • Shocked

Surprised in a good or a bad way.

ExampleGame of Thrones S03 | E09 "The Rains of Castamere". The Red Wedding ... need I say more?

  • Frustrated

Feeling distressed or annoyed.

Example: Dexter S08 | E12 "Remember the Monsters?" Wow, I waited eight seasons for that ending? Good thing we have an upcoming revival to make up for such a disappointing finale.

  • Sad

Elicits sorrow or makes you feel unhappy.

Example: Grey’s Anatomy S02 E27 "Losing My Religion". Who hasn’t sobbed into their ice cream while watching Grey’s? This episode particularly pulls at the heartstrings. Denny+Izzy 4 Ever!

  • Reflective

Causes you to think.

Example: Black Mirror S01 | E01 "The National Anthem" The first episode has the viewer grapple with questions about their morals. What do we value more; our personal dignity or the lives of others? 

  • Touched

You feel moved by what you just experienced.

Example: Schitt’s Creek S05 | E11 "Meet the Parents."  Watching David come out to his parents. COME ON, how could we not cry?!

  • Amused

You found something funny or entertaining.

Example: Brooklyn Nine-Nine S5 | E17 "DFW" An acapella rendition of the BSB classic! "I Want It That Way" from the unlikeliest of sources …*chef’s kiss.*

  • Scared

You feel fearful or frightened.

Example: Buffy the Vampire Slayer S04 | E10 "Hush". I hate anything scary, and I honestly think that fear stemmed from watching this episode - IMO, the most frightening episode of TV ever created. Even thinking about it gives me chills. 

  • Bored

Not interesting, you’ll probably spend most of your time on your phone...

Example: Nearly every episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians  ... I actually LOVE the Kardashians and have seen every single episode of this show –but riveting television, it is not!

  • Understood

You feel seen.

Example: Park’s and Recreation S02 | E06 "Galentine’s Day" Leslie showcases here’s what I have known all along...your friends (in this case, your girlfriends) are your real soulmates and should be celebrated accordingly. #foreveralone

  • Thrilled

Excited in a good way.

Example: The Office | S03 | E01 Jim and Pam are officially a couple! I mean what more do I need to say?! We waited 2 whole seasons for this and it was worth the wait. 

  • Confused

This could range from a ‘WTF?!’ moment or just feeling bewildered in general.

Example: Survivor | S16 | E13. This episode includes one of the dumbest move in Survivor history! I guess being deprived of your normal comforts causes you to make baffling choices. 

  • Tense

When your body tenses up because you’re anxious or nervous about what’s happening!

Example: Breaking Bad S04 | E01. There are so many stressful moments in BB, but the first one that comes to mind is the scene with Gustavo Fring and his box cutter.

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