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Take a Trip with these Vacation Episodes


For many of us, fun trips and exotic vacations are severely lacking on our 2021 calendars. If you’re looking for a quick getaway, escape with these great vacation episodes of your favorite TV series!

Destination: Hawaii

The Brady Bunch - “Hawaii Bound,” “Pass the Tabu,” and “The Tiki Caves” S4E1-3

The Brady family goes to Honolulu, where Greg stumbles upon an ancient Tiki idol that is believed to be bad luck.

Modern Family - “Hawaii” S1E23

Jay's relaxing plans get interrupted by an unwelcome reality check. Meanwhile, Phil tries to make the family trip romantic for Claire – leaving the kids unsupervised.

Growing Pains - “Aloha Part 1 & 2” S3E1-2

The Seaver family gets stranded on a rented boat miles from shore, and the kids find romance in Maui.

Destination: Los Angeles

Sex and the City - “Escape from New York” and “Sex and Another City” S3E13-14

Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda give Manhattan a break and try the care-free Los Angeles life on for size.

I Love Lucy - “L.A. at Last!” S4E167

When the Ricardos and the Mertzes arrive in Hollywood, Lucy visits the infamous Brown Derby restaurant to look for celebrities and finds actor William Holden.

Mad Men - “The Jet Set” S2E11

Don takes a business trip to LA where he makes some interesting new acquaintances.

Destination: New York

Glee - “New York” S2E22

The New Directions travel to New York to prepare for their performance at the national show choir competition.

Seinfeld - “The Hamptons” S5E20

The gang goes to The Hamptons for the weekend to visit Elaine's friends' “breathtaking” new baby.

Destination: Las Vegas

Friends - “The One in Vegas Parts 1 & 2” S5E23-24

Several surprises await in this double-length episode as Ross and Rachel’s humiliating pranks result in a drunken marriage.

G.L.O.W. - “Up, Up, Up” S3E1

While most of Season 3 takes place in Las Vegas, the first episode follows G.L.O.W.’s trip as they prepare for their first live Vegas show.

Destination: Walt Disney World

Full House - “The House Meets the Mouse Parts 1 & 2” S6E23-34

After Jesse is invited to perform there, The Tanner family visits Disney World where Michelle becomes "Princess of the Day," and Danny makes a big decision.

Boys Meets World - The Happiest Show on Earth” S3E21

Cory realizes that breaking up with Topanga was a big mistake, and heads to Walt Disney World to try to win her back.

black-ish - “VIP” S3E1

Dre gives his family the first-class Disney vacation he was never able to have as a kid, and they take full advantage of their VIP status.

*Note: There are several more Disney trip episodes from ABC! Including: Modern Family, Family Matters, Roseanne, Step by Step, Blossom, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The George Lopez Show, and The Middle.

Destination: Mexico

Insecure - “Lowkey Trippin’” S4E7

Molly and Andrew go on a couples' vacation to Puerto Vallarta, but a racial incident at the resort creates tension between them.

The O.C. - “The Escape” S1E7

Ryan, Seth, Marissa, and Summer plan a trip to Tijuana, which descends into chaos when secrets are revealed and lives are put on the line.

Destination: Paris

Gossip Girl - “Belles de Jour” and “Double Identity” S4E1-2

While enjoying the summer in Paris, Serena and Blair both run into a different Chuck Bass, who is discovered to be living with a young French woman who saved his life after he was shot in Prague.

Family Matters - “Paris Vacation Parts 1, 2, & 3” S8E1-3

Steve invents a device that transports himself, his clone Stefan Urquelle, and the Winslows to Paris, where romance blossoms for Laura and Steve is held hostage by a scientist.

Destination: London

Friends - “The One with Ross’s Wedding Parts 1 & 2” S4E23-24

“I TAKE THEE RACHEL.” The group heads off to Ross and Emily’s wedding in London, leaving behind a very pregnant Phoebe, and Rachel who decided it would be too hard to watch her ex-boyfriend get married.

Parks and Recreation - “London Parts 1 & 2” S6E1-2

Leslie Knope and co. travel to London as she receives an International Coalition of Women in Government award.

Destination: Italy

Master of None - “The Thief” and “Le Nozze” S2E1-2

“The Thief” pays homage to Italian cinema as Dev’s birthday plans get upended while studying pasta making in Tuscany. The second episode explores Modena through a “big bud, little bud” roadtrip.

The Sopranos - “Commendatori” S2E4

Tony and the guys decide to visit Naples. While there, Tony finds himself attracted to Annalisa, who happens to be the daughter of another mob boss.

Everybody Loves Raymond - “Italy Parts 1 & 2” S5E1-2

When Marie surprises the family with a two-week trip to Italy, Ray is the only one who isn’t excited.

Destination: Australia

Modern Family - “Australia” S5E20

The family joins Phil in Australia as he fulfills his late mother's wishes to discover his parents’ honeymoon location.

Destination: The Bahamas

Scrubs - “My Soul on Fire Parts 1 & 2” S8E14-15

The docs at Sacred Heart surprise the Janitor and Lady and attend their wedding, however, everyone has relationship problems of their own...

Ugly Betty - “The Bahamas Triangle” S4E8

The love triangle between Betty, Matt, and Amanda heats up while working in the Bahamas.

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