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14 Episodes To Watch This Valentine's Day

"Big Mouth's" 2019 Valentine's special is worth a rewatch! Netflix

Planning on a nice night in this Valentine’s Day?

Whether you love a reason to celebrate romance or dread the impending holiday, one thing is for certain: themed episodes of television are more fun (and much cheaper) than a fancy dinner or night on the town. This February, share some quality time with your s/o by revisiting classic Valentine’s Day episodes! And for more ways to share television together, check out this interview with TV Time’s own, Maren Ziobrowski.

30 Rock - “Anna Howard Shaw Day”

In this hilarious episode of 30 Rock, Liz Lemon tries to avoid Valentine’s Day by getting a root canal, but needs an escort home. Meanwhile, Jack finds a new love interest, and Jenna realizes her stalker has moved on...

Orange Is the New Black - “You Also Have A Pizza”

Love is in the air as the Litchfield inmates prepare for a Valentine’s party. The episode gives the characters a chance to reflect on the meaning of love, while Bennett and Daya find some alone time (Remember that ship?!), and we learn of Poussey's backstory. 

Big Mouth - “My Furry Valentine”

February 14th can be a time of stress and pressure -- especially when you’re a pubescent teen. Netflix’s Big Mouth special has some sweet moments (and musical numbers) while staying true to the show’s raunchy sense of humor.

Friends - “The One with the Candy Hearts”

Not all holidays are a success ... Ross goes on his first date since his divorce, only to run into his ex. Meanwhile, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe burn momentos from their past boyfriends, and we meet the infamous Janice once again!

Parks and Recreation - “Galentine’s Day”

Leslie Knope gave lady friends a reason to celebrate each other with February 13th’s “Galentine’s Day”! In this episode, we are introduced to a new holiday, and Leslie tries to reunite her mother with an old flame.

Supernatural - “My Bloody Valentine”

Sam and Dean summon Castiel after townspeople start to kill each other for love ... Is Cupid to blame?

The Simpsons - “I Love Lisa”

Can’t make a list of Valentine’s Day episodes without “choo-choo-choosing” this one! Ralph Wiggum develops a huge crush on Lisa after she gives him a valentine out of pity.

Frasier - “Three Valentines”

A classic Frasier episode that explores three separate V-Day stories. Niles’ date preparation soon turns to disaster, Frasier can’t tell if he’s on a romantic date or a business meeting, and Martin and Daphne share a lonely evening together.

The Vampire Diaries - “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Attend the “Bitter Ball” with Whitmore College’s broken-hearted students! Vampires, witchcraft, and revenge make for a not-so-ordinary Valentine's Day.

Glee - “Silly Love Songs”

From heartbreak and affairs to romance and hope, this episode of Glee covers all the bases with plenty of love songs weaved throughout.

The Office - “Valentine’s Day”

In a pre-Jim & Pam world … Season 2’s Valentine’s Day episode features Michael revealing his secret hook up, Phyllis receiving an overwhelming amount of gifts from her boyfriend, and Angela gives Dwight the “best gift he’s ever received.”

The X-Files - “The Rain King”

Not every episode has to be lovey-dovey -- especially when you have sexual tension between Mulder and Scully! In “The Rain King,” the FBI special agents encounter a force more powerful than the weather (festive heart-shaped hail included).

Arrested Development - “The Marta Complex”

Michael delivers a passionate speech about love during Tobias and Lindsay’s anniversary party; making Marta realize that she’s with the wrong brother.

How I Met Your Mother - “Desperation Day”

According to Barney, the night before February 14th is “a holiday for desperate women.” Despite his beliefs, he ends up on his first and only Valentine’s Day date while Lily tries to bring Marshall home for their traditional viewing of Predator.

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