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What To Watch After "BoJack Horseman"

There will never be another show like "BoJack Horseman"! Netflix

It’s hard to believe that BoJack Horseman came into our lives in 2014! After six years, our favorite “Horsin’ Around” star and his “Hollywoo” friends have left us. Between the animation style, celebrity satire, honeydew hate, the show’s take on mental illness, and (arguably) Margo Martingale’s best work to date 😜, we were given six seasons of a one-of-a-kind series.

Luckily, as a Netflix original, we can revisit the series anytime we want .... However, if you’re ready for your next binge, here are fifteen shows that TV Time fans of BoJack also love:

15. Barry

More comedy with a dark side! Things get pretty messy when a hit man (Bill Hader) moves to LA for a kill, only to discover his true passion in the theater scene.

14. Big Mouth

Going through puberty isn’t easy, but it can be hilarious and horrifying. Follow a group of tweens as they experience growing up, hormone monsters, and much more. (It’s also the second most-watched animated Netflix series in TV Time!)

13. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Get to know “The Gang” who operate Paddy’s Pub, and spend most of their time delving into absurd schemes and often getting into trouble. Plus, this FXX comedy has fourteen seasons for your bingeing pleasure.

12. After Life

What’s a dark comedy without death? After Tony’s (Ricky Gervais) wife dies from breast cancer, he chooses against suicide in favor of punishing the world by doing whatever he wants.

11. Adventure Time

Dive into fantasy as “Jake the dog” and “Finn the human’” go on a series of surreal adventures in this beloved Cartoon Network series.

10. Bob’s Burgers

Combining family and workplace comedy, the Belcher family runs a burger restaurant with life often getting in the way -- And the occasional musical number to boot!

9. American Vandal

Move into mockumentaries with American Vandal. The true-crime parody investigates the high school prank that “left 27 cars vandalized with phallic images.”

8. Atlanta

Leave “Hollywoo” for Atlanta! With his cousin, “Paper Boi,” on the verge of stardom, Earn (Donald Glover) works through the Atlanta music scene to improve life for himself and his daughter.

7. Arrested Development

If you’re a fan of Will Arnett and running gags, chances are you already know about this FOX show. The sitcom follows one of the most dysfunctional families to ever grace the small screen -- The Bluth family.

6. Devilman Crybaby

Switch things up with a fantasy anime series … When an ancient race of demons has returned to the world, Akira, is tasked by his friend to merge with one of the demons in order to fight back against them.

5. Master of None

Follow the personal and professional life of 30-year-old actor, Dev. Season 1 and 2 take on love, the immigrant experience, personal coming out stories, and tons of delicious food.

4. Archer

Sterling Archer, the world’s deadliest spy, and the International Secret Intelligence Service use global crisis and operations as a way to sabotage one another’s missions … for the fun of it!

3. Paradise PD

A bunch of bumbling cops try to crack a major drug case in episodes that are chock full of violence and explicit jokes.

2. Final Space

Journey through space with this epic saga as Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick, Mooncake, unlock mysteries of the universe.

1. F is for Family

A dirtier (animated) spin on the ‘70s family sitcom from stand-up comedian, Bill Burr.  

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