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What To Watch After "Marvel's Jessica Jones"

It's so hard to say 'goodbye!' Netflix

Alas, after four years, the last of the Netflix Marvel series has come to a end! Now that you've binged the final season of Marvel's Jessica Jones, what are you going to watch next?

Whether you choose to stay in the superhero genre or venture out to find a new action-packed adventure, there's plenty to fill the void! Jessica was a complicated character, so this list is filled with flawed and challenging personas to whet your appetite. Check out fifteen current shows that TV Time fans of Marvel's Jessica Jones are watching and find your next binge.

15. American Gods - Starz

Escape to a hidden world where magic is real and a battle brews between Gods both Old and New.

14. GLOW - Netflix

These "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" may keep their fighting in the ring, but they're tough nonetheless!

13. Castlevania - Netflix

Escape NYC and life-action with Castlevania. Based on the classic video game, a vampire hunter fights to save his city from Count Dracula and an army of otherworldly beasts. Sound familiar?

12. Titans - DC Universe

What's better than one superhero? A team of them! From across the DC Universe, teenage "Titans" form to combat evil.

11. The Orville - FOX

How about a Seth MacFarlane science-fiction dramedy to take your mind off of Jessica Jones' departure...

10. The Expanse - Amazon Prime Video

Jump 200 years in the future as a case of a missing woman triggers a detective and ship captain to race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in history.

9. Star Trek: Discovery - CBS All Access

If you're looking for your next franchise, join the crew of the USS Discovery as it travels the galaxy.

8. Preacher - AMC

A hard-drinking, chain-smoking preacher enlists the help of a vampire and his ex-girlfriend to understand his powerful "gift."

7. Marvel's Runaways - Hulu

Six teenaged runaways unite against their criminal parents and discover their secret origins.

6. Legion - FX

An X-Men alternate universe, beautiful imagery, and the occasional dance sequence?! Yes, please.

5. Wynonna Earp - Syfy

The supernatural, horror-western based on Beau Smith's comic book series features another badass woman, Wynonna, who battles to bring the paranormal to justice.

4. Good Omens - Amazon Prime Video

For the "Kilgrave" (David Tennant) fans out there, try his latest fantasy miniseries where Tennant plays a loose-living demon.

3. Krypton - Syfy

Follow Superman's grandfather, Seg-El, as he fights to redeem his family's honor while saving the world from total chaos.

2. Black Lightning - The CW

The CW's latest DC comics series has plenty of action, social commentary, and features television's first Black lesbian superhero!

1. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger - Freeform

Two teenagers from different backgrounds are brought together by a life-changing event resulting in complimentary superpowers? Just the thing if you are into a classic super duo. 

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