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What To Watch After "The Good Place"

"Everything is fine" ...Or it will be, eventually. NBC

Holy forking shirtballs! It’s been almost a month since The Good Place finale aired, and boy, did it leave us with all the feels! While we’re stuck in “The Medium Place” and processing this great loss, why not try a new show on for size?

Scroll below to find fifteen series that TV Time fans of The Good Place also enjoy … Maybe you’ll find your next favorite show, who knows?

15. Good Omens

Continue your “good versus bad” TV journey with this mini-series; featuring an angel and a demon that form an unlikely duo to prevent an approaching Armageddon.

14. Dear White People

A group of students of color who attend a predominantly white Ivy League college tackle cultural bias and social injustice through honesty and humor.

13. Russian Doll

If reboots were your favorite part of The Good Place, it’s time to binge Russian Doll. In this modern take on Groundhog Day, Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) lives one night over and over as she tries to figure out what’s happening to her.

12. Barry

A “tragicomedy” that may be more violent than TGP, but it’s just as hilarious. Plus, this HBO series also features D’arcy Carden!

11. Modern Love

Explore love in a multitude of forms as each episode brings to life a different tale inspired by the New York Times “Modern Love” column.

10. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Because life is too short … Midge Maisel decides she’s not meant to be a housewife and becomes a stand-up comedian in 1950’s-1960’s New York.


Try this group of misfits! An out-of-work actresses, a washed-up director, and several Hollywood outsiders band together to create a women’s wrestling show.

8. Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie are total opposites who become housemates and business partners, forming an unlikely friendship. Now, if only we had a spin-off series about Eleanor and Tahani’s friendship …

7. Dead to Me

When Jen and Judy become friends at a support group, all hell breaks loose when one of them reveals a shocking secret.

6. The Politician

Switch gears with the intense political landscape of Saint Sebastian High School. Ryan Murphy’s first Netflix dramedy is Election meets Heathers.

5. Living with Yourself

A mysterious treatment promises Miles (Paul Rudd) a better life, ultimately leaving him with a cloned version of himself.

4. Superstore

Another NBC comedy -- only this one follows a dysfunctional group of employees working at big-box store, “Cloud 9.”

3. Derry Girls

If you loved Eleanor’s flashbacks, go to the ‘90s with Derry Girls. A laugh-out-loud series where a group of teenagers wreak havoc in Northern Ireland.

2. Queer Eye

Makeovers and heartfelt moments that bring. the. tears. Definitely something that belongs in “The Good Place.”

1. One Day At a Time

Follow Penelope and her Cuban-American family as they navigate the ups and downs of life in this feel-good dramedy.