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What We're Watching: March at TV Time

Vampires, magic, and swords - oh my! Netflix

Welcome to the month of March! Every month brings with it the opportunity to find new and fantastic shows to dive into. Here at TV Time, we value our shows and know how much of a difference good TV can have on our daily lives (and stress levels!). A new show can bring hope and excitement in the form of fun entertainment! TV is never just TV. So here we are, back again, to offer our favorite suggestions of the moment with you. Enjoy! 

Emily H

Managing Editor, TheTVDB

RuPaul's Drag Race 

"Now that we've finally said hieeee to all of the queens, I think Season 12 of RuPaul's Drag Race is shaping up to be one of the best! We got to meet the queens in two separate episodes (a la Season 6) and have already seen FIVE looks from each queen — plus, they've each already written and performed a whole verse about themselves, and I've enjoyed every second of trying to memorize each one on my drives to and from work. My favorites so far are Jan (love a musical theater queen), Gigi Goode (good morning, campers!), and Widow Von'Du. Excited to see the rest of the season!"


Community Manager


"I’ve been watching the new season of Castlevania and I LOVE it! It’s the fantasy show I needed right now with plenty of irreverent humor, endearing character dynamics, and super intense blood and gore. Oh, and vampires. Did I mention vampires? If you’re into gothic horror, sword fighting, magic, demons, and amazing fight choreography, then this is the show for you. Not to mention that there are plenty of anti-heroes and morally corrupt (but lovable) characters for you to fall in love with. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, but the animation and storytelling is phenomenal! You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time, I guarantee it."


QA Manager

Girl Meets World

"I’m a big fan of sitcom sequels. It’s 10-20 years later so lets make a sequel with their kids is a great formula. Thankfully Disney+ is carrying all 3 seasons of Girl Meets World, the sequel to 90's favorite Boy Meets World. Our heroes this time are Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley and her bff Maya. (Ring power!) With Cory as their history teacher every single year like Mr Feeny before him they make friends and learn heart warming life lessons every episode. With lots of call backs to the original series, guest stars, fourth wall breaking and recurring jokes Girl Meets World is a gem that shouldn’t be missed. By the end you’ll have laughed, cried and will miss Riley and Maya’s eternal friendship. Thunder! Lightning!"


Sr. Editor 

High Fidelity 

"I'm rewatching High Fidelity! I've always liked the 2000 movie of the same name and the Hulu series does a great job keeping the feel of the original film yet breaking away and making the show its own ... I was immediately sold from episode one when Rob explains that she prefers Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" over "Rumors.""

Top 5 Reasons to watch:

1) The episodes are short and easy to binge

2) The group of characters

2) The soundtrack

3) The fashion

4) Guest Stars and Cameos (Debbie Harry and Parker Posey - HELLO!)

5) Zoe Kravitz is one of the coolest people to walk this earth.


Data Scientist

Better Call Saul

"Watching Jimmy McGill morph into Saul Goodman is like watching a fire start in slow motion, growing from ember to what will surely soon be a blaze. Kim Wexler is one of the best characters on TV, and it’s hard not to start worrying about her fate this late in the show’s run given her conspicuous absence in Breaking Bad."


Recruiting Lead

Love is Blind

 "I love reality TV and anything that has to do with dating, romance and dramatic infighting between people -- but I must say that Love is Blind was one of the most boring shows I've ever watched. I sat the whole thing through - even up until the reunion - to ensure I wasn't missing something or just being too skeptical -- but, it was horrific. The premise was cool - the audience gets to watch a romantic relationship between two better looking than average develop being closed walls (to each other). So, basically, they're talking to each other but have no idea what they look like. I imagine most of the cast members were trying to "listen for hotness" but ultimately only a few couples of the more than 20 participants ended up "surviving" till the end. The couples are then forced to essentially propose after they meet. It's basically like Married at First Sight with a previous relationship of only sound. I guess now that I read this out loud to myself -- no wonder it was so boring! This is an old premise, recreated with a dumb twist. Oh and the reunion - don't get me started. Why would anyone do a reunion when there are basically no updates or big surprises to the lives of the cast members. Just watch Married at First Sight and save yourself some time.”

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