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False Start
Kids Station
Waver has a hard time commanding his Servant Rider (Alexander the Great), as Rider is more intereste... Mehr Waver has a hard time commanding his Servant Rider (Alexander the Great), as Rider is more interested in how the world has changed since his time and intends to conquer it once he wins the War. Saber has formed a poor opinion of Kiritsugu, considering him cold-hearted, but is surprised to see him have a tender moment with his daughter Ilya. Saber also admits she admires Kiritsugu and Iri's wishes to save the world, as she, too, wishes to save Britain. In Fuyuki City, serial killer Ry?nosuke Ury? has murdered an entire family except a young boy to summon a demon, but inadvertently calls the servant Caster (Bluebeard). When Ury? offers the boy to Caster as a sacrifice, Caster pretends to let him go, then kills him with a horrific Cthulhu-esque monster. Ury?, overjoyed to meet someone as sadistic as him, vows to follow Caster anywhere and becomes his Master. Upon learning the seventh and final Master has been chosen, Kirei orders Assassin to kill Tokiomi, only for Assassin to be killed by Tokiomi's servant, Archer, while attempting to break into his mansion.
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