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Land of Winter Trees
Kids Station
Kirei announces his resignation from the war due to Assassin's elimination and is granted asylu... Mehr Kirei announces his resignation from the war due to Assassin's elimination and is granted asylum by Risei. However, this is actually a ruse by Kirei, Risei and Tokiomi: "Assassin" is not one, but several dozen people. With everyone else believing him out of the game, Kirei can send the Assassins to spy on them without suspicion. Waver informs Rider of Assassin's demise, but the latter is only interested of defeating President Clinton, acquiring his country's military weapons and having a good time. Saber and Iri arrive at Fuyuki City to meet up with Kiritsugu, but decide to tour the city since this is Iri's first time abroad. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu meets up with his assistant Maiya Hisau, who informs him the other Masters believe Iri is Saber's Master and that she has smuggled in the guns they need for the war, including his Contender pistol. As Iri has a good time at the beach, Saber detects another Servant at the harbor. Once there, they encounter Lancer, who challenges Saber to a duel.
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