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The End of Honor
Kids Station
Kayneth visits Risei and asks for his reward for Lancer helping defeat Caster. Risei agrees to rewar... Mehr Kayneth visits Risei and asks for his reward for Lancer helping defeat Caster. Risei agrees to reward Kayneth a Command Seal, afterwards Kayneth shoots him to ensure the other Masters don't get one as well. During the battle at Mion River, Maiya finds Sola and cuts off her arm containing her Command Seals, then kidnaps her. Kayneth scolds Lancer for not protecting Sola and mocks him. Saber and Iri, tipped off by Kiritsugu, arrive at Kayneth's hideout, where Saber and Lancer decide the time is right to finish their chivalrous duel. Kiritsugu confronts Kayneth and holding Sola at gunpoint, gives Kayneth a magical contract that prevents Kiritsugu from killing him and Sola if he uses his last Command Seal to force Lancer to commit suicide. Desperate, Kayneth agrees to the deal, causing Lancer to curse everyone around him, especially Saber, before he dies impaled on his own lance. But the contract only binds Kiritsugu from harming them, and Maiya shoots Kayneth and Sola. As Saber ends Kayneth's suffering, she confronts Kiritsugu for the terrible and dishonorable things he'll do to win the grail, which he retorts there's isn't anything honorable about chivalry and he will do anything, including great evil, to ensure his wish to save the world. As Kiritsugu leaves with Maiya, Iri collapses from exhaustion.
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