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Saber destroys the Grail along with the theater before disappearing. In the process, the Grail sprea... Mehr Saber destroys the Grail along with the theater before disappearing. In the process, the Grail spreads black ooze from the sky, destroying a large section of the city. Kirei wakes up amidst the destruction, surprised to be alive and to see Archer alive and well. Gilgamesh reveals the ooze created a body for him and resurrected Kirei as well. Realizing the city's destruction was his wish, Kirei laughs at his own lack of morality and expresses a desire to repeat it again, Gilgamesh agreeing to join him. Meanwhile, Kariya returns to the Mat? estate and sees himself saving Sakura and reuniting her with Rin and Aoi. In reality, he has died and the Crest worms consume him, Sakura commenting that it was a natural consequence of going against her grandfather's will. As morning arrives, Waver tells the Mackenzies he would like to stay with them while he travels around the world to find his own path. After presiding over Tokiomi's funeral, Kirei meets Rin and her mother Aoi, who survived but suffered brain damage, not comprehending that her husband is dead and that Sakura is gone. Kirei then gives Rin the Azoth Dagger. Saber finds herself back where she fought her last battles during her life and remembers Lancelot's final words to her on how he regretted his betrayal and what made him fall into madness. She then regrets not understanding her people nor winning the Grail, repeating to herself that she should not have become a king. In the aftermath of the destruction of the Grail, a guilt-ridden Kiritsugu searches for survivors and manages to rescue a young boy (Shir?), the sole survivor. While attempting to find and reunite with his daughter, he discovers that the Einzbern family has refused to permit him entry. Due to the Grail's curse weakening his body,[2] Kiritsugu is unable to break through and never sees Illya again, opting to live on in Fuyuki City with Shir?, now his adopted son. Five years later, Kiritsugu then tells Shir? how he once wished to be a hero. Shir? then promises his father that he will live out his dreams for him. Satisfied, Kiritsugu passes away.[2] The episode ends with him remembering the question Shirley asked him long ago about what he wanted to be when he grew up to which he had replied, "I want to be a hero".
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