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Beginnings 1
Wembley and the Gorgs 2
The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles 3
at ITV 7 Staffeln Beendet
In a lighthouse on a crag by the sea, home to the Captain and his dog Sprocket, lies the gateway to an amazing world full of fantasy and adventure! A hole in a wall leads from our world down into the wonderful realm of Fraggle Rock. This magical place is home to Fraggles, who fill their days with singing, dancing, swimming, playing games and working an exhausting 30 minutes a week! But as fun as their world is, there are still dangers to be wary of - Fraggle Rock has its fair share of monsters, and then there are the giant Gorgs, whose garden is home to the Fraggles' favorite food, radishes! Come and see what awaits you in Fraggle Rock!
  • CJ
  • Icyrice43
  • Terri-Ann Bradley
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